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Concerto Mayhem
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OMG Concerto isn't human?! I thought he was supposed to be!

Well, I kinda thought it'd be kinda boring if he was just a regular human but had all of these superhuman abilities and everything, so... I kinda made him part gargoyle to make him interesting ^^'

Well, he was human, but he wanted to have a great voice and revenge against people that made fun of him, so he kinda got into a ritual by a voodoo specialist (I really have no idea how either, don't ask) and has become part gargoyle.

:/ I know I'm going to get rated low in the contest due to the fact I didn't follow the specifics of him being human, but I had the design in my head when I got the description for the contest ^^' sorry Jess if you're mad

If you fav, PLEASE hug too. I can tell when people don't hug because I'm very aware of who hugs and who doesn't despite what you think. So don't ignore this and not hug because you think it's too much time. It makes me feel bad when people do that
Anyway, comments are appreciated and thanks in advance

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