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So this is Ela, kasa-chan's oc and if she looks upset its because there is a creep makeing a move on her. xD

For those who don't know this is Zane. Hes an oc of mine. I love him to peices. xDDDDD
Well I drew this for Kasa as a thank you for being my youtube guide becuase I fail at youtube. xD Plus I like to do random surprizes for people sometimes. ^^

A profile on Zane:

Name: Zane
Species: Forest Fairy
Age: 16
Hair Color: okay its sandy blonde which is a light brown only a tad bit darker then that. xD
Hair Length: to his eye brows
Eye Color: vibratn green
Personality: haha this shall be fun. He's such a flirt, thinks he's badass, laid back, witty, he can sometimes be a perv too. He's pretty easy going, goes with the flow and loves to joke around. He flirts with pretty much any girl. He teases people, makes smart remarks. However, he can be serious about things, he likes to joke around but when it comes down to it he'll fight for what is right. He'll be a very caring and good friend, and even if he flirts alot he can be serious in a relationship and would never really try anything.But under all that he's actully a crybaby who watches soaps. xD not really, just kidding about that part.
Likes: girls, pool parties, any type of party actully, hanging out with his buds, chocolate
Dislikes: major autority figures, He'll go along and do what has to get done, but there is a line between being a leader and just bossy to him.
Strengths: speed and flying. He's really swift in battles
Weaknesses: He relies on his speed and swiftness, so if you can catch him and pin him down you pretty much got him.
Fears: fears being alone
Family: He lived in a villiage of forest fairys, bt has no contact with them now
Friends: anyone really, rather they like it or not. haha
Relationships: curently is a single man!
Abilities: flying
Outfit: jeans and a plaine t-shirt mostly, and he always always wears a green bandana around his head. Not tied in a triangle though, like a stright line tied in the back.
Looks: normal height, normal skin tone, a few pale freckels under his eyes and across his nose.
History: Grew up in a forest fairy villiage. He left them because he didn't agree with their government. Joined the club, and just starting to fit in.

haha yup.
thats all.
continue as you were.

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