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Ever since I discovered that Kelsey is a Wolverine fan I wanted to draw him for her, but this got postponed till my mind got into the summer drawing mood again and I finally decided to draw him ~ Raises eyebrow ~ Man picked a terrible picture to do first though. I chose this one if you are curious: Wolverine Picture

Heh, I started this one the 30th May and finished it yesterday though I did some final touch ups today because I just can't get it completely to the level of peace but if I work anymore on it I am goign to go insane ~ Laughs ~ I didn't much like Logan in the beginning but right now I positively hate him ~ Shakes head ~

I think the part I hate the most is the eyes, in the picture he is in quite a bit of shadow and the eyes can't be seen at all. But a picture without eyes is just like an affront to all my artist senses so I don't much liek it. I could probably delete the shadows and start again but then it isn't the picture so I am leaving it. I had also intended to do a background but I was too fed up of the image by then so passed on that idea. To make up for that my copy has wavy lines all around him to stand in for the background lol!

It looks nice as a thumbnail though where you can't see everything ~ Bursts out laughing ~ Though you can still see the lack of eyes ~ Cringes ~ Oh and he is wearing leather too hence the strange light on the jacket which is also annoying to see and do. I mean dang the shading itself too nearly 2 days and is n something I am really happy about ~ Shakes head ~

On a brighter side though after ages of work I think it actually looks like Wolverine now. In the beginning it looked like a picture of him as drawn by the manga-ka that did the Priest books which my brother owns ~ Cracks up ~ I wasn't happy with that but yea. I also liek the belt and trousers and am not against the T-Shirt either lol!

I hope you like it Kels ~ Laughs ~ This is the project I mentioned that was annoying me ~ Spins ~ I couldn't be more specific at the time as I wanted this to be a surprise. I am determined to get better in the future though~ Peace signs ~

In short: This took about 10-15 hours and is easily the most annoying thing I have drawn recently ~ Glares at it ~ It is all in pencil!


PS: It is in the contest as it is just where you put things you draw for someone and as I had decided to draw this anyway, putting it into a contest about doing things for a friend seemed logical ~ Peace signs ~

X-Men Fan Art
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