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Hiya! Has anyone ever asked you where/how you learned to draw? Well, this challenge requires you to answer that question and more.

I want you to draw a picture in YOUR style. It could be anything, and I mean ANYTHING. From a dog, to a random person, to an OC, to a flower, whatever you like. You can even draw your favorite character from an anime or manga, just as long as its drawn in YOUR style.


I'm basically combining a fan word challenge and a fanart challenge lol

  • can be colored or black and white
  • no background required
  • MUST BE YOUR STYLE(I cannot stress that enough)

Here is what I'm looking for besides the drawing itself. In the description box, I want you to write a small paragraph about your style. Answer these list of questions and the prize may be yours.

  • When did you begin drawing?
  • Did you create your own style or is it an inspiration/mixture of many different famous styles?
  • How long have you been sticking to your style?
  • Are you satisfied enough to keep your style going far into the future or do you still think there is room for improvement?

Sounds easy enough, right? You're probably thinking "Why is this a fanart challenge 'cause its mostly fanword?" It's half and half actually. If I was just reading a fanword, I would have to imagine the style or have to go all the way to the entrant's portfolio and flip through it. However since its under fanart, and you're drawing is entered with it, I could just look up and say "Oh, I see."

"But Tsu-chan, people can just attach images to their post in their world."
*twitch* "Oh well, no harm was really dealt."

You have one month.

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