Animealways Draw your OC CONTEST!!

This have to be based on originality and creativity, you can't just copy off of someone else hard have to be your own idea. You draw your OC anyway you want,but there are can't draw nudity/yaoi/yuri/hentai...and on your submitted picture description tell us a little bit about your character and your story...

And plus you can't submit one of your old drawings it have to be fresh..xD and if you want to you can submit up to 2 entries..if you want to do two different characters for to different entries then you'll have to color it though and do a background telling us the story of the character where is he/she at or doing...the background don't need to be very detailed

1st place prize winner wins a drawing from OC with your OC together
2nd place prize winner wins a drawing of my OC
3rd place prize winner wins a drawing of their OC redrawn by me

Sorry for the lame prizes can't think of any can pick a character from my won't be able to see how they look like after the contest is over..xD I don't know I might post my OC drawings...let me think about it..and if you don't know who to choose I'll just pick a random one...

Stories by Me:(I know I have alot)
Kingdom of Shadows (Fighting/Action/Comedy/Adventures/Drama/Historical)
Tabatha (Fighting/Action/Horror/Slice of Life/Drama/Supernatural)
Chrono Corn (Fighting/Action/Comedy/Adventures/Drama)-me and my brother story
Ken-Ryu and the Hadashi Clan (Fighting/Action/Drama/Comedy/Historical)
Cute@Short (Action/Drama/Comedy/School-life/Romance)
WORLD:Year of 2125 (Fighting/Action/Comedy/Drama/Adventures/Tech)
Vamp.S (Fighting/Action/Drama/Comedy/Mystery)
Rockers (Music/Action/Drama/Comedy)
T.3.M (Action/Fighting/Drama/Comedy)

Kingdom of Shadows (The MAIN Characters)
Mailya-Female (Brown Hair/Blue Eyes)
Laiye-Male (Black Hair/Red Eyes)
Go-heh-Male (Dark Brown Hair/Green Eyes)
Ren Kazuya-Male (Brown Hair/Brown Eyes)

Tabatha (The MAIN Characters)
Tabatha-Female(Black Hair/Red Eyes)
Samantha-Female (Light Sand Yellow Hair/Red Eyes)
Dark-Male (Black Hair/Purple Eyes)
Light-Male (Light Yellow Hair/Grey Eyes)
Neko-Chan (Brown Hair/Yellow Eyes)
Kay-Male (White Hair/White Eyes(Left)Red Eyes(Right)

Chrono Corn (The MAIN Characters)
Chrono-Male (Yellow/Ba
Rosetta-Female (Pink Hair/Pink Eyes)
Tetsura-Male (Black Hair/Blue Eyes)
Arukas-Male (Grey Hair/Grey Eyes)
Sakon-Male (Red Hair/Red Black Eyes)
Sakura-Female (Blue Hair/Blue Eyes)
Khang-Male (Yellow-Orange Hair/Purple Eyes)
Zuesake-Male (Brown Hair/Red Eyes)
Pent-Male (Red Hair/Blue Eyes)
Melony-Female (Sky Blue Hair/Sky Blue Eyes)
Vergho-Male (Black Hair/Red Eyes)
Alex-Male (Yellow Hair/Purple Eyes)
Guardian Mango-Male (Yellow/Red/Orange Hair/Orange Eyes)
Guardian Coconut-Male (White/Brown Hair/White Eyes)
Guardian Apple-Male (Red Hair/Orange Eyes)

Ken-Ryu and The Hadashi Clan (The MAIN Characters)
Toshiro-Male (Orange Hair/Orange Eyes)
Jin-Female (Brown/Red Hair/Red Eyes)
Douyohno-Male (Black Hair/Sky Blue Eyes)

Cute@Short (The MAIN Characters)
Mai-Female (Tan Hair/Light Purple Eyes)
Hyde-Male (Yellow/Brown Hair/Light Blue Eyes)
Satoshi-Male (Brown Hair/Grey Eyes)

WORLD:Year of 2125 (The MAIN Characters)
Aaron-Male (Brown Hair/White Eyes)
Eddison-Male (Dark Grey Hair/Purple Eyes)
Vikki-Female (Light Pink Hair/Light Blue Eyes)
Tammy-Female (Sky Blue Hair/Yellow Eyes)
Cayden-Male (Red Hair/Red Eyes(Right)Orange Eyes(Left)
Ivan-Male (Red Hair/Red Eyes(Left)Yellow Eyes(Right)
Sarah-Female (Purple Hair/Blue Eyes)
Alex-Male (Yellow Hair/Blue Eyes)

Vamp S. (The MAIN Characters)
Zoh-Male (Dark Brown Hair/Brown Eyes)
Ciro-Male (Yellow Hair/Brown Eyes)
Arles-Male (Black Hair/Grey Eyes)
Anseleme-Male (White Hair/Black Eyes)
Elizabeth-Female (Yellow Hair/Blue Eyes)
Caramella-Female (Brown Hair/Brown Eyes)
Lya-Female (Dark Brown Hair/Brown Eyes)
Lilyane-Female (Sky Blue Hair/Sky Blue Eyes)
Reia-Female (Purple Hair/Purple Eyes)
Shigeru-Male (Brown Hair/Brown Eyes)
Yuudai-Male (Black Hair/Black Eyes)
Trisha-Female (Blue Hair/Blue Eyes)
Tsuyoshi-Male (Red Hair/Grey Eyes)
Arath-Male (White Hair/Grey Eyes)

Rockers (The MAIN Characters)
Rain-Male (Black/Red/Yellow Hair/Red Eyes(Right)Yellow(Left
Saint-Male (Yellow Hair/Blue/Red Eyes)
Lena-Female (White Hair/White Eyes)
Sora-Male (Red Hair/Red Eyes)
Len-Male (Black/White Hair/Blue Eyes)
Cyianna-Female (Black/Red Hair/Red Eyes)

T.3.M (The MAIN Characters)
Kite-Male (Light Sand Hair/Unknown Eyes)
Daisuke-Male (Light Brown Hair/Yellow Eyes)
Zai-Male (Mauve Hair/Red Eyes(Right)Blue Eyes(Left)
Naoto-Male (Red Hair/Blue Eyes)

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