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Cover art is more than just a cool pic of your character in an awesome pose, its the first visual advertisement to draw new readers into picking up your book and checking out what's on the back. So, here's the challenge:

Create a cover for your original manga. It doesn't have to be one you're working on or even planning on writing in the future (we all get great ideas, draw a cover, then find it two years later and go...oh yeah....huh.)

It can also be a cover for a fiction book, if you are not a manga writer.

Here are the rules:

It must be an original cover - no Naruto or Inu-Yasha OCs

It must feature your original character or characters.

It must look like a cover to a manga: don't forget the title, volume number, and author/artist name.

All media is accepted: Traditional or digital. And yes, it must be in colour.

In your description in the comments section, write the brief paragraph found on the back of books that sum up the plot inside - the bit that keeps the interest and separates your readers from their hard-earned $8.99.
All types of genre will be accepted: action, comedy, shojo, science fiction, fantasy...

All winners will receive a request and, naturally, the prized gold medal.

Good luck and have fun!

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Fukei Sono Rosuto ~ShingetsuHime
Artemis: Issue 3 ~spacecowboytv
Narcissus ~monochromexii
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