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ah, for those of you who may be confused, "Yuiitsu Iro" is my mangaka Pseudonym (it literally means 'one color'/'monochrome')


ehehehe, this is another prime example of my strangeness.
(Did I really have to put a barcode on it? >_>;)

I even pretended that it's published under tokyopop...

...Is that even allowed? ._.

Er, I'm not even sure if we were supposed to do the back cover for this challenge.

Well, Anyways,


Is the story of sixteen year old Suisen, a young girl in high school sophomore year.

She is a rather quiet, indifferent individual. Because of the high expectations of her family, she is required to reign in all emotion for the good of academics.

However, while this gentle girl might come off as a studious sort, she struggles endlessly with friends, family, school, and herself.

All her years of holding back, as well as the constant pressure from her family, leave her with one decision: suicide.

But as her bottled feelings overflow, with her own self as her only ally, that 'self' truly does manifest in the form of Asagao.

Born from Suisen's own emotion, they are one in the same; save for the fact that Asagao is male.

This personification of Suisen's emotions is utterly devoted to her.

But, when one persons feelings truly materialize, others will surly follow.


(By the way, I actually had to go and FIND those stupid tokyopop and viz media logos. and the bar code. I also had to make that 'Older Teen' rating sticker myself. Ugh. I spend too much time on the wrong things.)

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