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Alrightly my first challenge. Lets just get down to business, how bout it?

The point is to give one, or more of my characters, something beautiful, fashionable and functional to wear. It can be any theme, from gangster to gothica, preppy to french maid. Whatever you believe works best for the character.

The characters to choose from are as follows:

Eli: One of the main characters of my manga Second. He’s rather cool and aloof, and is a practiced English swordsman. He's a gentleman and rather elegant, but has a deeper, rougher side.

Anni: Main character of my manga Second. She’s upbeat and totally free form and can wear about anything. Is practiced with a gun.

Aizu: One of my naruto Ocs. She needs a new ninja outfit, but keep in mind. She catches everything around her on fire so it needs to be something fully functional and pertaining to her tastes; rather sexy. She’s a ninja like no other.

Doll: Sophisticated and wise for his age, this fiery redhead is a force to be reckoned with, so don’t let his beautiful looks make you underestimate him. He has quite a flair for gothic Lolita clothing, even if it is women’s clothes, so don’t be afraid. He sure isn’t.

And for your REQUIREMENTS~!

1.Obviously a 4 character maximum and a 1 character minimum.
2. Props are encouraged in anyway shape or form.
3. Backgrounds are encouraged, just for the test of your skills.
4. Please have some color in it; I plan to be using these ideas for actual costumes!
5. You may include one of your own characters, or a series character if you wish.


I know, your favorite part. :D

1st prize: Full color picture with choice characters (fan, series, or original). Moderate background. Will be done in either digital, colored pencil, pencil, or copic (grey) markers.
2nd prize: Lineart of 2 characters (one pic). No background.
3rd prize: Lineart of one character, no background.


I will be doing most of the judging, but I might have friends and family to help me. This is judged by creativity, how well you captured the characters and your attention to detail. And over all, THE CLOTHES~!

So if you think you've got what it takes, join. Or, be a coward, and run and hide~~~!

You've got 2 months~

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Fashionable Eli ~Koji Sujimoto
Doll face ~Teapot Domescam
Aizu ~tifafenrir
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