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Have you ever thought about how our lives would look like without toilets? It would be gross, disgusting, unhygienic, many diseases would spread and we'd all go 'ewwww'. If you look back in history the very first toilets were buckets and holes in a brick-structure. The bodily waists were simply thrown onto the streets. The precursor of our modern flush toilet was invented in 1596 by John Harington, but it only widespread in use in the late 19th century. Even ancient civilizations of America had better toilets than Spanish ,British and French .

Here are a few examples of different types of toilets: flush toilet, squat toilet, urinal, female urinal and the chemical toilet.

Here’s a little vid to get you into the mood: link

Now, back to the contest. It’s time to draw a toilet. Yes, you heard us, a TOILET. We want you to be as creative possible and to simply have fun while drawing spiffy looking toilets. Make your toilet rainbow colored, give it ears, put fish in it or draw a toilet made from candy! Go crazy and spam theO with toilets! >:D

Here are the rules:

1. It must be your own art.
2. You must follow the site rules (keep it PG-13, etc)
3. Traditional and digital artwork allowed.
4. Your entry can be either a line art, black-and-white or colored.
5. Max 2 entries allowed
6. You are not allowed to add characters – only small animals/creatures are allowed to be added as long as they do not divert too much attention away from the toilet.

The deadline is in two months: 3rd of November. If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

This contest was brought you by: AngelBest Dream, just.me, Pantalaimon1467 and SaxGirl.

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Loyal Toilet ~krokun
Natural love ~vdr-07
Will Flush For Fish ~MintIceCream
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