clueless101 Where Are They Now?

I'm sure that pretty much has heard about the "Where are they now" things they do with celebrities and what not? Well, I want you to do that with your OC's!!

Did you use to always play with a character and then over the years they kinda faded, where do you think they would be now?

What would they look like? Or do you have a character that you love and you've been watching grow and develop ever since you made them? why not go back and do a before so when they were first created, and an after, how they look now!

You can draw the past and present of your character whoever you wish. If you want the past and present forms of your character interacting that’s fine, or if you just want to do one of those then and now meme’s I’m okay with that too. Whatever you feel like doing, but the past and present forms of your character must be drawn. Taking some of your old art and slapping it on a then and now meme doesn’t count. So, now that we have covered that, I shall move onto the rules of this contest.

Then in the description explain how they've changed over the years and what they're up to now!

Follow the rules of theO
Unlimited amount of entries
Any questions please ask
no lined paper, please
digital and traditional is perfectly fine
Have fun

1st prize : One full body of a character of your choosing.
2nd Prize : One semi chibi of a character of your choosing
3rd Prize : one chibi of a character of your choosing

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ILILIS ~Ametsu the Ninja
Reka Then and Now ~kita mikichi
Tony ~WildGirl1977
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