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Greetings, fellow Otaku friends! I present to you the Classic Collaborations challenge. This is a unique challenge because it will require you to do a bit of research. *dun DUN DUN* For this challenge, you will need to look up classic artworks and add an anime twist to them.

For instance, here is a link to Van Gogh's classic Starry Night. Another example would be Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa. Still, another example would be George Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte.


  • Find a classic artwork (preferably a painting of some sort, but sculpture references are fine as well).
  • Make it "ANIME": add familiar anime characters (Naruto, Inuyasha, etc.) or your own OC's, and incorporate them into the classic piece. (For instance, you could draw Naruto in similar form/fashion to Mona Lisa. Haha!)
  • Use similar poses, scenes or styles of the classical artwork when you draw your piece with the anime and reference which artwork you used!
  • NO Photoshop ALLOWED!! I want to see your hard work, not saying Photoshop isn't hard and tricky. But because these are classic pieces, let's do it the way they did it! Pencils, graphite, markers, etc. - these are all acceptable.

    -Exceptions: I may consider giving you an exception to Photoshop if you have a problem. For example, if your, say, scanner is broken and you have no other means of uploading your "hand drawn" picture, then I can make an exception for you. HOWEVER... *dun dun DUN* I will be more critical of your work, that is, I will have to judge it a bit more than the "hand drawn" entries. I think that sounds fair, wouldn't you say? You must PM or email me to notify of your problem. Then and only then will I consider this exception for your case!

  • When you submit your work, please tag your work with the following: TS C.C. Challenge.
  • Contestants are allowed to submit up to 2 artworks!

You will have 3 months to do this challenge. Take your time. Do your best and be creative!


First Place: Medal + Colored Request(per your choice) + Gift
Second Place: Medal + Line art (per your choice) + Gift
Third Place: Medal + Gift

I will have to reconsider the rewards for this challenge, but what I have listed will be pretty much what I'll hand out as rewards. If I can do something more, I'll let you all know.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns by PM or email. Have FUUUUUUUN!!!! *dances*

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