Animatious (Fan Art Portfolio) Sujin's Evening Mood

Sujin's Evening Mood
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For the Classic Collaborations contest.

This is a very interesting contest and was pretty fun for me. I searched for some classic works since I couldn't think of any (still can't) and came across this lovely piece of art-- Evening Mood by William Bouguereau.

I like the WIPs (both one and two) better than the finished product only because I fail at color >:V Or maybe patience... I have little patience for coloring. >:V I was so frustrated with the coloring, OMJ. First the water. I had little to no idea how I was gonna do that. >:V I tried pplz, I really did. -__- und the Clouds I thought I had figured out. Now they look really purple-y/pink. >:V Sujin's scarf was only a pain because of the srtips... coloring that mess was like OMJ-MEnoWANNAdoTHIS >:V I like the sky though. :D Und the rock.
OM-MFJ! The people that live below us were blasting music, jumping up and down und screaming... Gawd, I could hear/feel it all while I was doing the rock! >:V Fraggin' kidzz yo

Done with water colorzz >__< ... I wish I could give a better quality pic. T^T

I had planned on submitting two pieces, but as y'all know, that wasn't workin' out for me~ :3

R A W R~ Tis Sujin and all her scarfyness. :D . . .

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