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Howdy yall!

So I am not sure how many people have Facebook, but I came across these Pokemon pictures on it and absolutely LOVED this idea and thought it would make a great contest. Now I don't know the original artist but the idea is BRILLIANT. Nevertheless, I wish to continue this by having you draw Pokemon in Cosplay.

Yup pretty simple really, I don't want any backgrounds or anything I just want to see a Pokemon in Cosplay, however, when I state cosplay I want to see its first form cosplaying as one of its later forms. You can not have a Pokemon that can not evolve participate in this, it needs to have at least one evolution.

Examples of what I am looking for:

Riolu as a Lucario
Eevee as a Slyveon
Dratini as a Dragonite
Bulbasaur as a Venasaur
Squirtle as a Blastoise

You get the idea!! That's all I really want to see.


  • It HAS to be in color, the Pokemon that is, the background can be white, I prefer no backgrounds for this contest.
  • It HAS to be the first form of a Pokemon that does have an evolution, no exceptions.
  • It can be any generation.
  • Tag picture PokeCosplay
  • Dedicate it to Team Plasma N.
  • Unlimited entires
  • Be creative and have fun!
  • Three different people will win!

I think this is an easy challenge and I hope to see what people come up with!!! <3


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