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Hey guys, Jess here! It's been a while since I've made a contest, it's just about time that I do.

Now, I know we all have those shows that we think are TOTALLY AWESOME, and no one seems to know about them right? For me that's Oban Star Racers and Code Lyoko. Funny enough, they both originated in France o3o So for this challenge I want you to draw a fan art for that show. Simple enough right?

I'll even give you links to my fan arts of my unappreciated shows. Just to show that I've done it as well. Code Lyoko 1 Code Lyoko 2 Oban 1 Oban 2

EDIT Books, mangas, and comics are fine as well.
EDIT edit Apparently Code Lyoko isn't that unappreciated, but I'll blame that on the new series that came out.
EDIT edit edit It does NOT have to be Code Lyoko or Oban Star Racers. Those are just my personal examples. Any show is fine.
Here's the rules:

  • You can submit up to 3 entries
  • PG-13 at the most please.
  • Follow theO rules
  • Have fun!!!
  • Dedicate it to me so I can see it faster please! (optional)

If you break any of the rules I'll have to disqualify your entry/entries. :(

Here's the part you all want to know about! PRIZES!!!
1st: Full colored head shot two people max, 3 gifts.
2nd: Line art head shot two people max, 2 gifts.
3rd: Sketch head shot two people max, 1 gift.

Example of my head shots. ---> Example 1 Example 2
Everyone of course gets medals, and a gift!

I've given you two months! Any questions just ask!

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