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Results are up! thank you all so much! For reasons behind each winner, please go here.
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Pay it Forward

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This challenge was inspired by the movie “pay it Forward” starring Haley Joel Osment.
The idea behind this challenge is for you to draw someone a picture, that person (in return) will draw a picture for 3 other people. Here’s the catch—you cannot draw a picture for the person who drew you your picture! Makes it interesting, no?
• Be sure you ask the person you are going to draw a picture for before you draw it for them- we want to be sure they are up for the challenge
• If you accept, make sure you repay the favor. Be kind to those who have done you a kindness.
• The more people the merrier; try to include people who haven’t received a gift picture yet!
• Dedicate your picture to the person it’s to!
• Tag all entries with “pay it forward” please!
• Have fun with this! It’s all about giving and friendship- a lesson that seems perfect for theotaku.com!
As always, there will be prizes. The person with the most returned pictures (with the most meaningful pictures) will win 1st. but like I said, this is about love, not how well you can draw. ^^ first place will get 4 requests from yours truly, second will get 2 requests, and 3rd will get 1! winners also get gifts! 3 gifts for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 2 for 3rd!
everyone who participates will get extra love in their guestbook! (I would give everyone a gift, but by the sounds of it, I’ll run out of gifts to give)
and always, medals! ^^
Spread the word, please!
Have fun with this! And have a wonderful day everyone!

Pay It forward Wiki

also, thanks to the amazing animegirl171, we now have a world post that has the names of everyone entering and who they will draw for! where would we be without you! ^^
Keep Track![<=here]
thank you so much, again animegirl!! you are such a help!

some amazing news!
I now have some amazing new prizes!
I found the official "pay it forward" website, created by the author of the book titled "pay it forward". the website offers free wristbands to anyone who wants them. organizaions,companies,anyone. I am getting a few to send to the 3 winners; (by mail)as well as some people who are deemed "honerable mentions" or who have just steped out of their way to make this a great challenge better!
(If you don't feel comfortable sending me your adress, you don't have to accept it, you can just go with the requests only! ^^)
hope you have a good day!

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