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Sept. 8, 1966 marked the launch of an American science-fiction adventure television series that, despite Nielsen ratings downfalls in its first T.V. broadcast, would later transform into a worldwide pop culture phenomenon, inspiring a fandom of its own and conventions. That television series was "Star Trek", and as it would later become retroactively known as "Star Trek: The Original Series", it would expand into a media franchise by including five more television series (four live-action, one animated), eleven theatrical movies (with a 12th "Star Trek" movie currently in the works), and countless novels, video games, role-playing games, and comic books, though only the T.V. series and film stuff are considered "Star Trek canon". It would even inspire numerous parodies and fan-made productions (although they don’t count as part of the franchise).

This Sept. 8, the "Star Trek" franchise will be turning 45 and to celebrate, I will be hosting a Star Trek-themed challenge for the next two months.

Now, onto the rules:

  • Can be any kind of artwork: sculpture, drawing, watercolour, painting, 3D art, or 2D computer image.
  • Work must be Star Trek-related. Your work can either depict actual characters/spaceships/ship interiors/shuttles//weaponry/tech/space stations/planetary landscapes from the "Star Trek" universe or you can do fan-made "Star Trek" creations. Group pics are welcome too.
  • Since we are here to celebrate the franchise’s 45th anniversary, you have the option to design your own "Star Trek" 45th anniversary logo, either by itself in art submission or include it as part of an illustration featuring Star Trek character groups and/or vehicles.
  • No entry limits.
  • Inspired by the controversy regarding 2009’s "Star Trek", I will be allowing you the chance to create your own designed version of any existing characters, ships, ship interiors, shuttles, and/or space stations of the "Star Trek" universe.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll be submitting gifts to the three winners, using my profile controls, with each winner to be given the chance to choose his/her gift. Good luck to all entering this, and have fun. In the meantime, feel free to ask questions!

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