infinatelove42 This is what DREAMS are made of...

hii minna-chii !!!! its me again
dont mind the title i was up watchin Disney movies last night
so your an otaku right?... right?
i wannna know ...

What is your otaku Dream?

i know this can be vauge and out of the box but it doesnt have to be a dream you
wake up from goals can be dreams too...

For example:
i dream of being one those girls in the host club and sitting next to
Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachin ALL the time.... eeeekkk....
being next to the perfect man on our wedding day side by side together
*Goes into dream mode* hehe... uhhh... i hope no one saw that
oooo loook its a cat

Rules: sorry back to reality for this awww...

  • Must follow Otaku rules
  • Make sure you Dedicate it to me so i can see it
  • Dreams come in color or pencil
  • Digital or traditional no matter
  • Spread your dream to everyone!!! Make it known to the world!!!
  • Have funn

this one will be hard to judge because its your dreams
and they shouldnt be judged no matter what
but in theotaku says i have to choose 3 winners
if you dont make it in the final 3 dont worry you will get a prize

Bounus Points:
these are only suggestions and NOT Rules...

  • take a nap it no use drawing a dream when you havent seen it yet
  • draw me in your dream haha... i always wanted to be in someone's drawing
  • i honestly prefer traditional over Digital not enough of them anymore
  • take your time there is no need to rush
  • dance like is no tommorrow!? what does this have to with anything?
  • put your OC in your Dream anythin is possible

okay okay lets see anythin missing?....
o thats right.....

since you all know you want them haha...
well lets see what i can offer
i just got some COPIC markers and i have been dying to use them haha

1st: 2 COPIC colored fanart
2nd: 1 colored pencil fanart
3rd: 1 pecil shaded fanart
* prizes may take a while cause i havent exactly devopled a style yet
so i may ask someone to do it

i will be able to answer any questions you have
thank you and please enter
~bye bye see you then

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My Big Brother ~chocolatemud
Amelia and Azriel ~Alchemic Mushroom
You're Never Alone. ~Autumn Tea
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