LawlietLover13 Your favorite manga character?

Hey everyone! :) This is my first challenge, so hopefully it isn't too bad.. lol

Okay, so for this challenge, I want you to draw your favorite manga character!

Follow TheOtaku's rules foremost,
but after that don't get too into the yaoi or yuri or hentai to the extreme,
yes you may have some but let's try to keep it clean, please. thank you!

~Draw your favorite character or characters from whatever manga or mangas of your choosing!
~There can be more than one entry (up to a max of 3)
~There can be more than one character in your picture (it's up to you how many you want to include)
~Your characters can be from the same manga, or different ones (just be sure to list their names + which they're from)
~They don't have to wear the same clothes they usually wear in the manga stories.
You can design your own outfit for them, if you wish. ^^-
~If they normally have weapons, you may include them.
~Include a reason why you like the manga(s) or character(s) you chose. (if you want to)
~You can just draw the characters' heads, or their whole bodies, or you can even draw them in chibi form!
~They can be a neko or inu person! (just be sure to add the kawaii ears and tails if you want) :3
~The submissions don't have to be colored, and if you do color it you can use anything you want

I'm trying to be real lenient with this challenge's guidelines, so please let me know if there is anything you still want to change, leave out, or even add. :)

You have one month!
I know I don't have any fancy prizes to offer (I'm sorry ),
But this is what I can offer besides the automatic medals, if you'd like them:
1st place: 1 colored art request, and 2 extra gifts
2nd place: 1 outlined art request, and 1 extra gift
3rd place: 1 pencil art request or 1 extra gift (you're choice)

I just wanted to see what you all would come up with, because then maybe we can all branch out our tastes instead of knowing just the big time popular mangas, such as Naruto and Bleach..etc.
Although it is perfectly fine to use those mangas :)

Okay, well if you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
Thank you! I hope you have fun with this challenge! :D
~Take Care!~
LawlietLover13 <3

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