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I think that there should be more animal fan arts on this site. Animals are pretty, and deserves something! I personally know someone who can draw animals but fail at humans isn't so good at drawing humans.

The point of this challenge--to draw an animal (preferably something realistic and not common, like a cat or dog) and I would love to see a generic profile of the animal. A hint: I love realistic drawings over anime for this.

Animals I would love to see drawn:
Russian Shorthair/Russian Blue Cat
A cool bird (please be specific with the species)
Mountain Dove
Any native Hawaiian Birds
Cattle Egret
Pokemon (actual and look-alikes)

And now, the thing that must be followed, rules!
1) If using a reference picture, please give credit!
2) Three entries max. (That's to stop someone I know from spamming this place with 10+ images.) This can be worked out...if you comment or PM me.
3) Preferably colored--not required, but still...
4) I was debating on putting this, but I guess I will. NO STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S ART! I can look for all of them, and I have people who love looking at other animal arts.
5) Animals only (and that includes all those hybrids that are half-human, like CF)! That's sort of the point of the challenge. Pokemon may also be drawn.
6) While I don't mind dedications, please don't upload all three and dedicate it to me! (Last time I let my PMs pile up...)
7) PM me for prizes (I am not sending out PMs...and some people know why.) This rule is only to be followed if you win the challenge.

Right, the scoring--if you actually like that.
Creativity--25 pts.
Credits (if needed)--5 pts.
Following Rules--10 pts.
Prettiness--10 pts.

And then the prizes:
1st--Request of anything within my power (x4)
2nd--Request of wallpaper, avatar, fan art and/or fan fiction (x3)
3rd--Request of fan fiction and/or avatar (x3)
Honorable Mention--Request of something (x1)
I know the prizes suck...but I can't really do anything else, right now. Who knows, I may update the page.
Anyways, even if it doesn't get updated, know that I will most likely slack off and take half a year to finish something (especially fics.)

PS-For those that I invited, I chose random people that I personally like and know (to an extent). I really don't expect anyone to enter...

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My Blue Eyes ~ItachiSasuke
Cattle Egrets ~SG Creations
Pencil Render Tiger ~clueless101
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