itemilicious girl powah!


i've been pretty invisible here in theO lately, sooo make a good come back amma make a challenge!!

ehehe, it's my first challenge so pls bear with me >///w///<

okidokii, so let's start~~
just like the title said, girl power!!

all i wanted you to do is to draw a girl...yep yep only one girl in the picture no guys, kay? but she can be with other stuff like teddy bears, candies, fashion all of those girly thingies. Also she can be in a tomboyish look~~

you can also use oc, a character from manga/anime (if he's a guy and you really really like him you can gender bend him, like the nyotalia), character from a book or even celebrity~ as long as she is a girl

and here's the category i'll be looking:

♥ effort
♥ quality
♥ creativeness

now the rules:

♦ follow theO rules
♦ keep it clean, ya know what i mean >.>'
♦ all styles are okay with me
♦ it doesn't need to be colored as long as i can see your effort
♦ backgrounds are optional
♦ traditional and digital are both accepted, hence i'll be choosing 4 winners, 2 for each media to make it fair :3
♦ annnnnnndddddd of course have fuuuuuuuunn~~

the prizes:

1st prize (both media)
• one colored fanart request, shiny medal, and a gift
2nd prize (both media)
• one sketch request, shiny medal, and a gift

all the participants will receive a giftiee~~

soooo that's it!!
you guys still have 3 monthsss!
hope that would be enough :3

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