Nino Umaka The First of the First!!! :D

So here's my 3rd challenge! Hope it's a good one!

So every one has their oc's, I know I do, but this challenge isn't just about drawing any old oc. This challenge is about drawing your very FIRST oc. You remember back when you were 5 or 6 and drawing scribbles on a piece of paper and you said they were all people. Yes, those are the oc's I want!

For example here's mine! --->Mr. Mustard Guy
Yes, he is a mustard man. He's also accident prone and has a best friend who's name is Mr. Ketchup, who my bro made up. But he's my first oc ever! Of course, I want you to put more effort into drawing your first oc's than I did! Of course oc's evolve like Mr. MG used to have a comb over, but he's bald now. I don't care how they changed from before I just want to to draw your FIRST oc.

Now to repeat myself I want you to draw your very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very FIRST oc EVER. If your first oc was based off of Teen Titans like my 2nd oc was or off of Naruto like my 3rd oc Nino was then by gosh draw them!

1: Follow theO guidelines
2: Traditional or digital is accepted
3: Does NOT have to be colored, but it'd be nice
5: Please dedicate it to me so I can see it quicker! It's not required, but highly recommended!
Optional 1: Have a small description about them. Like why/how you came to create them. I love knowing details like that.
Optional 2: Have a link to an older pic of your oc if possible. I'd love to see them back when they were newer in your mind.

Any questions just comment!

1st A full colored fan art of choice
2nd A full colored chibi of choice
3rd A pencil drawing of choice
*** Everyone gets a medal and a gift.

You have ONE month! Now go dust off your memory and give me your FIRST ocs!

P.S. Those of you I invited don't have to enter I just thought you might be interested, and I'd like to see YOUR first ocs ever!


Thanks so all who entered! I loved every single one of your entries! Now I have a honorable mention!

4th place is Saz Chrithclow!

Why I must mention this is because it was almost basically a tie for third. The only reason they didn't make it is because it was kinda hard for me to actually see detail in their picture. But I still loved it! ....yeah....that's all.

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My first OC Sky ~Bluemoon Halo
First OC ~Wakusei Aoshi
Mia [the first] ~yuuki fiedell
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