!~*Hetalia Contest*~!

First Thank you to those who have participated in my other challenges.

Okay so alot of my friends said I should do Hetalia challenges so I'm starting with a fanart contest. and it's a simple one at that, just draw a hetalia character/s. or if your feeling particulary creative feel free to draw Oc's or characters as the opposite gender. or characters as animals. etc etc. as long as I can still tell it's about Hetalia.

---- Rules/Guildlines ----

  • Has to represent Hetalia in some way.
  • Your allowed up to 3 submissions
  • Does not have to be colored
  • Does not need a background
  • Chibi's are allowed
  • OC's are allowed
  • Alterations to characters allowed
  • Animals from Hetalia can be used
  • pretty much anything you can think of you can do.

I'm giving 2 months for the challenge since I know atleast half of us have school/college. and don't have Alot of free time.

also if I invited you to the challenge you don't HAVE to join I just invited who participated in my last challenge and anyone else's names that pop into mind.

Prizes are the ribbons and everyone that participates gets a gift. Thanks in advance to those of you that decide to join.

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