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My last entry for JanetChan's Challenge; my yujin, my [CHINGU.]

(This was a big challenge for me to work with. I had to redo this about two times to try and get it the closest way I wanted it to look. I blame the colors. I also wanted to make you this for your birthday too, since it's tomorrow and the deadline to this challenge was a little after so I thought this would be the perfect time for this~)

Last but not least, I'd like to dedicate this to my lovely Wifey for lifey, Kelsey. These 4-5 years have been the best I have ever had upon meeting you. I never thought life could be so great, until I met you. On the day of 07/30/09, you changed my life. I never thought anyone could ever have this much of an effect on someone, until you came along. You were just this little angel I had met and I had never met anyone as kind, caring, positive, cheerful, and sweet as you were. You were among the first people I have ever talked to and became friends with in my first times here on TheO. I couldn't be ever more glad that I did meet you. I've learned the meaning of friendship through you, and never thought that it could be as deep and connecting as this.

As each day passes, there's not a moment where I'm not thinking of you. You are my guardian angel, the one who saved me from myself of who I was and what I was going to become. You've given me nothing but the best happiness I could ever have. If you didn't come into my life when you did, I would not be half the person I am today. You've given me so much meaning and so much to learn and look forward to. You mean everything to me. To me, life without you is no life at all. I can't even begin to describe how important you are to me. Back when we were 15 when we met, we were both different people. We were just kids, still growing up and trying to get a grasp on how life was like. We both had our troubles whether they were personal or inner conflicts. As the days and weeks passed us by, we began to learn from each other and become one another's footholds to climb up the stairs of change. I believe we changed for each other, even though we didn't have to, there was enough between us where we felt like we could lean on each other for support to find the right path.

Even though you have grown older, wiser, and stronger and changed physically, I've always loved you from the start of it all. Even if you change or don't, you'll always be the best friend I've ever had. Nothing can take away these memories I have of you. We've been though literally everything together. We've seen the best and the worst of one another in different situations, but I believe we've always brought out the absolute best in each other. We've laughed, cried, smiled, and laughed together. We basically grew up together. You're more than a friend to me, you're my family. I know we aren't blood-sisters, but I feel that we are sisters by heart and spirit. I truly think that we were fated to be friends from the time we met. We've all experienced the same thing, be it in different times or places, and with each time it happens, it's not just a mere coincidence. I really believe it was destiny.

All these years, you've given me nothing but happiness and you taught me how to smile and love and appreciate life in a way that one could've never thought. When I'm with you, sadness doesn't exist. Just this warm overwhelming sense of joy and happiness that could only be received from you. You are irreplaceable and there's no one in the world that matters to me like you. You're special and I knew that from the start. I'm so blessed to have you in my life and even more so as a special close friend. I don't want you to ever forget just how much you have given and done for me, and how vital to my life you are. Nothing in the world can destroy the bond that we have. Losing you would mean losing a large part of my life. You've given me so much meaning and through you, I've found alot of purpose and discovered the meaning of what life is. I've learned to accept some of the flaws I know I have and be okay with them, even though I may not like them. I've learned that and even more from you. I'll never stop showing my love and appreciation to you. You are someone who I'll treasure forever and keep closest to my heart.

Through the times that I've grown up with you, you have become much stronger, braver, and beautiful throughout the years. You will always be my guardian angel no matter what. Never forget how important you are and always keep the memories of our friendship close and strong. Keep being the wonderful lady that you've become and always know that I'll always be by your side if you change or not, I will always love you for who you are.

Happy early 20th Birthday, Kelsey! I can't believe you're not a teenager anymore.. ;u; I'm proud of you for officially becoming an adult. I hope this year and the next brings you all you could want and wish for. I love you!

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my yujin, my [CHINGU.]

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