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Brothers United

My 4th eCard submission. Can you believe it? D: Someone tell me if I'm sending them too fast orz.

As some of you know, I LOVE TALES TO ABSOULTE DEATH. EVERYTHING IS TALES AND NOTHING HURTS. Earlier today my friends and I were discussing a Tales game (same as usual xD), and it was Tales of Vesperia. We were talking about the PS3 Version and the differences between the Japanese and English ones and talking about thing things that were changed and whatnot.
My Xbox that I have is being temporarily borrowed from my Father buuuuuut..it stopped working. *GROSS SOBS* It can't update anymore and we've been trying to figure it out and fix it. Hoping we can have it fixed by the summer so I can play it again. I miss it. ;u;

Anyways, ToV was an amazing game when I played it through. I love all the characters and relationships between each other, especially Yuri and Flynn in particular. Even though they have different views of the world and on what 'Justice' really means, and even though they may argue or have a little spat, they always remain friends even though it. Their bond is so strong it not only reminds me of my bonds with some of my friends, but they're literally like brothers, even growing up in the Lower Quarter with one another and becoming Knights and eventually finding out what it means to work together, building a strong friendship.

Scan: Abyssal Chronicles Gallery

Font: DaFont

Editing: Courtesy of Photoshop Actions over at DeviantArt

Comments, Hugs and Faves are greatly appreciated!~

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