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Deadly Sin of Force

This is my entry for JoSakashita's Challenge of coming up with more modern-day Deadly Sins. The challenge reminded me of a fanfiction I was going to write that was a crossover of FMA (manga) and YYH where there was an 8th sin that was to be introduced later on in the story so I decided to use that for the basis of my entry. However, since "Force" was an OC, I tried to think of a good already-anime-existing to use. That was tough, so any one who likes Lelouch, I hope you don't get offended of me using his Geass eye to get the point across.

Anyway the sin: Force. Force was the best way I could term the actual sin, and it is not to be confused with "The Force" from Star Wars. What I mean by "Force" is to "Force someone to do something against their will" (okay so Jedi mind tricks may fall in that category, but the Force I'm talking about doesn't move inanimate objects ^^). It can also be seen as having your agency to choose taken away.

For me this is a sin because in my religion, we believe that we were spirits before living here and there were two plans presented to us: One was to come down and make good and bad choices to prove to ourselves who we were; The other was everyone would be forced to do what was right so no one would sin. The former won and we are able to choose in this life. Taking that ability to choose away prevents the individual from progressing and developing. It is because of that hinderance to another's character that I see it a deadly sin to force another being to do something--whether you think you are forcing the person to do right or not. Guidance is okay, certain forms of discipline are okay, but controlling another living being is not.

I've seen in the media that there are others who find this form of Force to be evil as well. Some movies nowadays have the villan take over another's mind or body but rarely do we see the 'good guys' do that. So even for people who aren't religious or of different beliefs, if they think about how they value the ability to make choices and how they are able to control themselves instead of someone else playing them like a puppet, they may agree that this concept of force would be something bad.

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The Modern Seven Deadly Sins

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