Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) Do you like {Palmtop TIGER.}?

Do you like {Palmtop TIGER.}?

Heeey!Long time I don't submit here!~ XD LOL!~
I'm so busy...TT^TT [Sorry]
But,I hope you're going well!^ w ^

Today is my entry for the challenge:"Sell it to me." by Ritona-san!^_^
I was thinking in make a "Usagi Drop" card,but this serie has been used for another person.Anyway I don't mind about it,so I make a "Toradora!" card!Yay!~



Ryuuji Takasu is the protagonist,he has always been feared by other students in your school for looking like a delinquent.So,he don't have many friends,much less a girlfriend.But actually,Ryuuji is a good cook and is a nice person.[He lives with his mother and Inko-chan(a scary and fragile parakeet)]

On your second year's school,he discovers that he'll be in the same class as his best friend,Yuusaku Kitamura,the vice-president of the student council and class representative.
In addition,Ryuuji will be near his beloved Minori Kushieda.A very cheerful girl and sweet.
But his biggest surprise was to meet the greatest threat to school,Taiga Aisaka.She is Minori best friend.Her nickname is "Palmtop Tiger" and despite being short,she scares many people.Taiga hates Ryuugi.
According with various students to the one person that can supposedly stop her is Ryuuji.

One day (a very funny way),Ryuuji discovers that Taiga secretly love Yuusaku.And Taiga discovers that Ryuuji is in love Minori.
Although they don't like in the beginning,both proposing to help each other in achieving their goals loving.

[Anyway a new character will appear in the history,her name is Ami Kawashima,she's a famous model and Yuusaku's childhood friend.She may look nice and kind,but inside is rude and arrogant.She soon becomes the enemy of Taiga.]


Well,Toradora is a light novel which has versions for anime and manga.I don't watched the anime.But I loved the manga.I just read until second volume and is a light and funny history!^_^
I recommend this serie!~ XD

For the card,I extractedthe image[these palmtop tiger are both really adorable!] and used a patern texture on background.Some colors here and spark brushes![So cute!]
[I'm in love with this new font!LOL!XD]

Dedication for Latte-chan,because long time I don't dedicate something for you!~ And you're always so kind and sweet!~ *hugs* A lovely friend!XD


*Artist:Yasu [Image from:Minitokyo]

-lexiibabii01,DyingBeautyStock,regularjane and night-fate-stock

-peculiar-treasure and tehmiminator

Thanks for all the support,beautiful comments and Faves and Hugs!~
Take care!~
[I'm almost finished another card too!XD]

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