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Never Lose Myself

My entry for HelloKatty's Create A CD Cover - Songs Of Myself challenge! I wasn't originally planning on entering this since I've been so busy, but I've been pondering about joining so I decided to just go with it. I also remember completing a similar project of this when I was in the 8th grade. My music selections back then were so 'depressing'. Oh, how I've matured.

I'm not going to write an essay on individual songs and why I picked them, but I'll at least share my philosophy on life. I like to think I have a positive outlook on life. I believe in living my life for myself. I believe in seeking total self accomplishment and acceptance. I want to live my life being comfortable with who I am. I also want to surround myself with people who accept me for who I am. Pretty self explanatory, yes?

So many Japanese songs.

Never Lose Myself Track Listing:
1.) SMILE - Kimaguren
2.) Take Off - 2PM
3.) LIFE - Kimaguren
4.) Born This Way - Lady GaGa
5.) Canvas - COOLON
6.) Ano Hi Time Machine - LONG SHOT PARTY
7.) Real World - Matchbox 20
8.) Champion - TCY FORCE feat. Emyli
9.) Don't Drag Me Down - Social Distortion
10.) This Time Tomorrow - The Kinks
11.) Rap is the Soul of a Man! Perk Up Your Earholes and Listen REAL Close to the Theme of Lord Kamina, the Man of Raging Billows Who Believes in Himself and Points to Heaven!! - Tarantula
12.) Black Star (Never Lose Myself) - Shinya

Used Kamina for the cover image, since I feel I can relate to him in terms of life philosophy. Just believe in those who believe in you, kick logic to the curb, always keep a positive attitude and everything will be alright~ LOL

( x )

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Create A CD Cover - Songs Of Myself

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