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I don't know, but I really enjoyed making this card. For this challenge, I needed to find something that would be connected with the toast, and from all the characters, Inuyasha seemed the type who would like one. xD
So why do I think that he would like it? Well first of, he lives in a another world, where toast were not yet invented. And when he goes in standard world, what he is interested in other than Kagame? Food of course. And today, toast has become a very appreciated for breakfast, soooooo I wouldn't be surprised if people there wouldn't noticed a fewer number of toast before they start eating. So after he eats one and goes back to his world, of course that the whole time something on his would be what good he ate (isn't it on all our minds anyway xD). That's why I put a little bubble there and found chibi version of him, because chibis usually think of something cute and something cute to do.^^
And also... Whenever Kagame calls the name because of the neckles that he is caring, is always finishes on the ground. Soo, he get's "toasted"! :D Get it, toasted... Oh man, this is a weird joke. lol

For this card, I placed background there, found and cropped this chibi like version of Inuyasha (never though that the actual mangaka actually does this style as well) and found an image of a toast and placed in a way like he would just want a bite now!! :D Speaking of that... I might take one as well. XD

Dedicated to koobaxion, the second person behind this challenge.^^

Image 1, Image 2

~Feedback is very much appreciated and thank you everyone for viewing my card! :)

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