Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) the fear.

the fear.

Here is my entry for Katty's WT challenge! :) I actually had a bit of trouble with this one cause I just had a tough time trying to find the perfect image! And also then which song I wanted to use cause there's so many good ones lol.

I ended up going with this scan from Godchild/Count Cain. The quality really sucked lol...all the grainy blue everywhere. I mean, it was probably just a part of the original image, but I think it took away the quality. So what I actually did was PAINT over the parts on them that had the grainy blue. ^^;; I wasn't expecting to go through all that work lol...but I did...what's sad is that I still had to put a texture on top though. I mean I didn't HAVE to, but it makes the card look a lot better. :) There was still scan remnants and they had to be disguised lol! Plus it added more warmth. Anyhoo, texture, some gradients, warm lighting...sharpening...all sorts of good things, and then the text. The lyrics are from this song. <3 I actually didn't hear it before...I just found the lyrics, liked them, and then listened to it. XD And they worked well!!

This actually wasn't going to be my submission. My first version was this one with red. But I lowered the red, and I was like OOH I LIKE THAT, so yeah. XD But there's the red version for you, too.


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cain, count cain, fear, lyrics, riff, texture, within temptation
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