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Eyes Of A Killer

My First Entry For Danni's Words will show everything Challenge.

Honestly this challenge was and is a real challenge for me. Typography, and coming up with quotes is my weak point. Editing images and such to make it beautiful is my strong point. I wanted to do both in this challenge(i used to not do both in the past, but i do now). In my head i was thinking the entries had to be a image(not edited at all with textures etc) with flashy typography on it that over powered the image. Honestly i didn't know how to imagine what my entry had to look like. I read over the challenge description over and over again and then i got a little idea of what to do. I wanted to make the main image for the card beautiful, stunning but with typography the most appealing like the challenge says too. It was difficult, but i finally did it, and i'm rather happy with the result. ^^'
I used 2 grunge textures to match the eroded font and for the typography i put tiny text under big text...i love that technique!

I'm not sure whats appealing to Danni so I just did what i find appealing in quote/words/text/typography. To me, making the text all Giant and covering the main image just doesn't look right at all so i didn't do that. The way i placed the text is what I find appealing in quote/words/text/typography. I don't know what Danni finds appealing so I went with my Gut and this is what I got. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, same goes for what we all find appealing, so all I could do is do what I find appealing and beautiful.

The quote is my own quote. The quote is MY Words. I like coming up with my own quotes for cards. I almost never use other people's quotes.
This is how its read:
Big Text
The Eyes Of A Killer Burn With Blood And Sin.
Small Text
These Eyes Burn The Soul, The Heart, And The Mind But He'll Forever Carry The Weight Of Those He Killed. Living A Life Of Solitude Is His Punishment.

Dedicated to Danni of course! The card is of My Sexilicious Husband(Danni) so of course I dedicate it to Danni! >3

I Hope you like it! :3


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