Quiet Noise (eCard Portfolio) chocolate and vanilla

chocolate and vanilla

my 1st entry in diamond9393anda's challenge { opposites attract }

the word "opposite" gave me the idea to make yuri/shoujo ai cards, because in my country if someone is yuri ppl say that "she is on opposite" ("este pe invers") and this is my first choice to define the word and the second one is chocolate and vanilla (these two girls, that is what they remind me of), they are opposite but are the best together, kind of a paradox, and you know how they say opposite attract ^^ This card isn't so yuri, more shoujo ai
I used a bg similar with chocolate and vanilla, it reminds me of "napolitana", a very addicting sweet bar in my country ...I think it is called "wafer" in English, and I erased the edges and the middle in a weird way to get the effect of being chewed, like someone, me, couldn't resist putting it there and not tasting it, look carefully and you'll see..

the words I used are not from a famous person or from a song, they are totally mine ^^
"chocolate & vanilla
the best combi among all sweetness"

original artwork (c) Weky
vintage diamonds by DyingBeautyStock

Work dedicated to diamond9393anda, your challenge was super, I had fun and can't wait to see the next one, thank you very much for inviting me. But I still can't believe it so few ppl entered it, was it that hard?
Hope you like it..
Hugs, favorites and comments all appreciated !

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2 girls, by quiet noise, challenge, chocolate, dedication, diamond9393anda, opposite, quote, shoujo ai, vanilla
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{ opposites attract }

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