innocent heart (eCard Portfolio) Don't Ever Change

Don't Ever Change

I have been in the mood lately to make a type of card like this. But really my friend Kachi-chan inspired me to make it. Her and I both believe strongly that everyone is beautiful and that true beauty does come from within. So I wanted to make a card to remind people that yes, they're beautiful.

It sickens me how a person judges someone by their appearance. And of course, I am guilty of it too. I know we're only human, but seriously. What gives you the right to ever deem anyone ugly? Or fat? Or super thin? You have no right whatsoever. If you're labeling people like that, then I suggest you look in the mirror at your own apperance. We all are unique in our own ways and whether we be 400 pounds or 100 pounds, we are all beautiful. It's amazing how this world is so obsessed now with the word "fat". That word has no meaning, because all people of different sizes are labeled what does it mean?! People now a days are only dating or marrying people for their looks. That is the sad world we live in. Many people are insecure of how they look because of this, me included.

But let me tell you something. Appearance changes over time but who you are on the inside, your inner beauty, will never change. THAT is what we as people need to start looking for in people, and not just based on the shell of the person.

Okay done with my rant^^ Just wanted to get that out there. This is dedicated to Kachi because she did inspire me to make this card and also she always draws beautifully figured women, not just stick figures. So thank you Kachi for being amazing. :)

Remember each day to tell someone they're beautiful^^ Thank you for viewing~

Card created by Innocent Heart(Me)
Art is by Hira Hirara
Character is Amaterasu from Okami(artist's view of how Ammy would look as human^^)
Textures and Brushes to respective owners

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