Angel Zakuro don't let time pass you by.

Hey guys. It's been a while since my last challenge! At least since my last ecard challenge...cause my recent one was fanart! Thanks to all those that entered it~ <3 I loved all my Belimai entries. ^^

Ok! So onto this the rules! As the title may suggest, this challenge has to do with time. No, not just cause this challenge will only last a month...dur hur. But still, don't let the time pass by that quickly!

ANYHOO. For this challenge, I want you to make an inspirational card that deals with time. So basically, the quote has to deal with time in some way. The passage of it. How quickly it goes. Don't waste it. Stuff like that. :) I've realized that I waste a lot of my time on the computer...and I've felt like a lot of my time has been wasted because of my summer classes. Where has my summer gone? Time flew by, and I wish that I savored it better. Before you know it, a day's gone by, a week, a month, a year...and you find yourself wondering, "How did I get this old?" I know I feel like that sometimes.

There you have it. Sounds simple enough, right? Any anime/manga/game/book/show etc. is accepted. Yaoi/yuri totally ok with me, too. <3 I'll judge on adherence to the rules, quality, and creativity.

LIMIT 2 ENTRIES PER PERSON. Alright, you have one month! Times goes by quickly, so make sure to use it wisely. ^_~ Sorry that it's only a month, but I honestly didn't want to do another 2 monther...the end will get too deep into school time.

**Edit: I'll also accept romantic or friendship cards, as long as they deal with time! So they don't JUST have to be inspirational. :) Just make sure they aren't downers lol.

*****NOTE: By "time" don't mean that it just has to have the WORD TIME in's any measure of time, like days, months, years, etc.

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