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Hey~ Time for another challenge!! Thank you to everyone that has been entering my contests. ^^ The last one was really hard to many great entries! So let's see how it goes this time~

What are your dreams? Something for your future? Something completely out of a fantasy novel? Dragons, knights in shining armor, that one true love, a dream job, a big happy family? Well, whatever they are, make sure they shine through in your ecard!

As usual, I would LIKE for the entry to be an inspirational card, something a little more on the serious side. There are a billion funny/lol/comedy ecard challenges, so I like to bring a little more...uh, seriousness to the table? ^^; I don't know. So in the image you choose, it can be whatever you like dealing with the "dream" factor. And then the quote should be something encouraging, inspirational, sweet, a "chase your dreams" sort of thing! Lol. (even if your dream is a dark one, like a nightmare-type, there is still room for inspiration in it)

I hope this doesn't sound too vague or confusing. If you have any questions, just ask! And I'll probably make exceptions. XD I mean, I can't judge your dreams, right?? They could be anything! Winners get medals, and maybe something else if I feel up to it.

Entry Limit: 2 Enjoy! Good luck! <3

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Dreams of a Child ~
Its not a futile dream ~noirassasin
By Myself ~Felcie
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