Angel Zakuro There is no one like you.

Hey there. :) I've decided to make another challenge! My other one went well, so yeah. ^_^ Now then, here are some details!

There is no one like you. That you should know. We're all unique, and we should express ourselves accordingly and be proud of it! That brings me to the rules of the challenge:

Make a card that has a quote that deals with uniqueness. It can be a quote made by you, or it can be a "famous" one by somebody else. It just has to deal with being unique, special, and being proud of it. So in other words, this is an inspirational card challenge. Create a card that gives someone encouragement to be themselves. Anything along those lines, ok? ^_^ The key point here is truly inspiration to be oneself.

I'll be mostly judging on the effort and meaning behind the cards. If you don't have photoshop or some fancy editing program, no problem; you don't need it to make a card that expresses an important message [just use what you have!]. The card can be from anime/manga, video games, or anything else!

The limit for submissions is 3. There may or may not be any "extra" prizes to this, just the medals. As it comes closer to the end, I'll decide whether I'm up to that or not. Ok? Good. Enjoy, enjoy! Just put your heart into this. :) Ask any questions in the comment box. <3

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Uniqueness ~sweetdevil
Be you, when everyone's a reflection ~SakuraDust
What Matters ~ulterego333
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