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This was my last challenge and I'm happy a lot of people entered. My challenge now will be quite a difficult one. Lol depends on you guys actually. But don't worry because I'm giving you a long time to do this. I want to apply what I learned in Advertising here. That's the challenge. All of you will make an eCard using the different types of advertising layout. I'm giving the definition and some accurate samples of each layout but you will make a 350 x 350 eCard. Feel free to ask me if you're still confused about your design.

Big Type - A layout featuring big texts (type). Mostly it's just big texts but sometimes pictures are used (only minimal). Examples: 1 (focus on the typography at the back, don't mind the foreground images),2 (although the text could have been a little bigger to fill the whole space),3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Alphabet Inspired - Uses the alphabet as actual visual design. Examples: 1 (this isn't the full image but it spells LMFAO, check out Team GB's Sexy and I Know It),2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

Picture Window - Somehow like Big Type but this time it's the picture that fills up the whole space and the texts are the ones minimal this time. This is the most common type of layout that eCards are done in this site (even me). I wouldn't recommend this because it's easy and "common". Examples: 1,2,3,4,5

Mondrian - Inspired from Piet Mondrian's style of painting. It features black lines (with varying widths) and overlaps to form squares or rectangles. A dash of primary colors are added. Examples: 1,2,3

Rebus Examples: - A layout that features words or/and pictures that correspond to a certain word/letter. Lol, it's hard to explain in English so just look at the examples. 1),2,3,4

Multi-panel - Like it's name, it is comprised of multiple panels. Most of the time, the panels are equal in size. But I won't be too strict for that :) Jut make sure they're polygonal. Circular ones aren't allowed! And the minimum number of panels is 4. Examples: 1,2,3,4,5

Silhouette - A layout featuring silhouettes duh~ Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Frame layout - A layout which features the subject and text "inside" a creative visual framing. Examples: 1 (although the typography should be inside the frame),2,3,4 (although it doesn't have text),5,6,7,8,9,10

There's one layout called Omnibus (sample) but I'm not gonna count it in. It's a layout that features many products/services that a certain company makes/offers. Think of Nestle featuring the brands of food that they offer or things you can buy at Walmart. Or think of a common brochure. The ones I gave are hard enough haha. Another one is Copy Heavy (sample) in which the design refers to an actual magazine/newspaper article. And obviously, that's a lot of text and the picture and typography won't really be that important so I did not count it as well. The last is Circus (sample 1 - although it's also silhouette,2). Like it's name, it's crowded and forces the viewer to look around the whole image. It's an informal type of layout and random elements are present. The problem is, it's easy to find a crowded picture and will decrease your own creativity. So it's out.


  • I ain't gonna be really strict so feel free to use anime/manga/real images.
  • BUT don't steal for the love of God.
  • Quality is a must.
  • Try to credit your sources.
  • 3 months, unlimited entries.
  • You can choose whatever layout you feel more comfortable with. No limits per layout as well. Although I won't be happy with the easy picture window.
  • I love GIFs but I won't let them be in this challenge. GIF effects does a huge visual enhancement and that's unfair for the others.
  • Try to talk to me for consultations about your design. It's important that you guys understand the layouts the way we advertisers do.
  • Can't think of other rules haha. Just comment and I'll answer.
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