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prince and princess

I've been so busy and pressured these months and I've been restless and sleepless over a hundred paintings. Luckily, we have no classes for 3 days and I'm abusing the opportunity to sleep.

I'd like to make a new card but I have no motivation... I also want to try an iPhone wallpaper but I have no iPhone... :'( anyone wants to give me one? :P

All my creative juices have been drained out by realistic painting during "hell weeks". Imagine doing 8 paintings in the size of 15"x20" boards in just one week. Seriously, that's just impossible unless you don't actually sleep in one whole week. 10 days of no sleep can kill you. Of course, I got at least 2/3 hours of sleep each day. 2 hours is not healthy, but I can't bear to fail two subjects. I sacrificed sleeping and relied on eating while painting and drinking cups of coffee instead. Although I was not able to do one painting left.. I was too tired and I'm feeling retarded.

We passed everything on Wednesday morning. After that, I went home and slept like a lion. I was asleep for almost a whole day. I still feel aches on my back and my right arm a little. This always happens... But I'm fine :)

I decided to make a card version of a GIF I made months ago. Hope this is alright :))


Dedicated to sakurasista :) Sorry if my card is not K-pop inspired... I'll keep that in note next time.

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