Angel Zakuro color palettes.

Hey guys! Thank you all for the wonderful entries last time! <3 I'm surprised there weren't more, but that's ok. I got lots of great ones, and it was tough to choose winners. Congrats to them!


Colors are wonderful, don't you agree? And using color palettes really help keep a design sleek and focused! So for this challenge, well, it might be a challenge. >>' I'm not sure. It probably will be harder than I'm thinking it will be lol! But it revolves around using color palettes from the website ColourLovers.

Here are the rules. Please pay attention! :)

  • Browse the color palettes HERE.
  • Choose one that you like.
  • Search for a scan/image/photo that is inspired by that palette (the colors in it don't have to be exact, just similar/something that reminds you of the palette).
  • Create your card. (You may use color adjustments and gradients to make the scan more similar to the palette, if you wish.)
  • Link to both the palette and original scan please!

Does that make sense? Here are a couple examples of what I mean:

You may enter up to 3 cards. If you have any questions, please let me know!! :) And of course, if you have an account at ColourLovers or want to make one, then you can create your own palette to use. GOOD LUCK!! And thank you!! <3

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