Angel Zakuro weather you like it.

Hey guys. Thank you all for the entries in my last challenge!! You were all great. It was very hard to choose winners...but I congrats to them. :)


This challenge, well first off, spelling is intentional in the title lol. "Weather." Yes, pun intended...because this challenge revolves around it! I'd like you to create a card that involves your favorite kind of weather. Do you love sunny days, staring at the clouds, or are a fan of thunderstorms? Make sure your card incorporates it. :)

The quote can be anything you want, but just make sure the scan/image clearly has your weather of can be anime/manga/video game/real photos/music artists. Anything goes.

Please make sure to have these in your description:

  • Link(s) to your original scan(s)/image(s) that you used (PLEASE).
  • Your reason for choosing the kind of weather you did. [Does it remind you of a certain time of your life? Or do you just like it because you can do more things because of it?]
  • A brief (or not) description of how you made the card. Please! I really enjoy learning about other artist's thought processes. It annoys me when people don't write anything for a description because then I'm just stuck wondering what went on.

Please submit quality cards. Nothing that looks like it took 10 seconds. I threaten to disqualify entries that don't follow the rules, but I'm always such a softie...but this time, I'm holding to it. If you didn't do one of the things in that list up there, I'll ask you to please do so, and if you still don't, I'm disqualifying! THANK YOU. <3

You may enter up to 3 times. Good luck!

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WI N D S ~noirassasin
Sweet Spring ~Blue Latte
Bright Days.. ~Hulaberry32
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