Angel Zakuro yum.

First off, congrats to the winners of my last challenge! I was please with the entries. There weren't a whole lot, but they were pretty darn quality. Hard to choose a winner, as usual!! Thank you all again. :)


Ok. This challenge is pretty much based off of my hunger pangs I am currently feeling! XD I'm waiting for dinner, and I'm hungry. SO FEED ME.

This challenge is pretty straight forward. Make a card that incorporates food or drink in some way! That sounds really easy, right? XD I know. There was a challenge similar to this maybe a year+ ago (I don't remember), but I hope it's ok that I'm doing a similar one now...quite some time after it.

The catch is I don't want a card that just shows a food item. So please. As much as I LOVE chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake, I don't want a card that is just a photo of one of those. Please limit your images to anime/manga/video games and real people (music artists, actors). As long as they have food, it's fine. So yeah, in other words...MAKE SURE THE FOOD ITEM HAS A PERSON TO GO ALONG WITH IT! XD Not just a standalone pineapple (lolwhat?). EVEN if the pineapple is really a guy. Thank you lol.

Does that make sense? I think so. This is probably one of the more shallow challenges I've done...based purely on hunger. XD Haha.

Limit is 3 cards per person. The winners will receive prizes that I feel like making at the time this finishes lol. And please, please, make these cards quality!!! I will not accept anything that looks like it took 2 seconds, anything with a low quality image or anything like that. Please try to use quality and reliable sources like Animepaper & Minitokyo. [If you want to use AP and do not have an account, just ask me, and I will provide you with the scan if you ask me for it, or you may get an account and I will donate papers.]

Thanks, and good luck! <3

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