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*EDIT* I have declared the winners!^^ It was a tough decision to make, since there were so many lovely and well-thought-out entries! I'm really happy there were so many^^ Congrats to the winners:
1st: Felcie
2nd: HulaBerry32
3rd: TwinkLes

And the runner-ups:
1dev13, harvestmoonluvr and Kurihara Akane

Well done everyone! And remember, even if you did not get a gold medal or honorable mention, you all contributed some wonderful entries!^^

Winners, please contact me via PM about your card requests! Please do so before September 4th!

Feedback on the winning entries and the reasons why I picked them is posted on my World, SaxGirl's Contests.


Hello everyone!^^ It's about time I made another challenge, ne?:P

As the title implies, you will have to submit two cards in this challenge! They must be twins in one or more ways. They can, for example:
- Be made from the same scan (like these two cards I made that inspired this challenge: day and night in the forest).
- Feature the same character(s), or twin characters/siblings (one in each card).
- Complement each other (like dark and light, fire and ice).
- Form a unity (like, if you put them next to each other, they form one image).
- A combination of the above.
- Or any other way you can think of! (It's probably best to ask me first though:3)

And now, the rules! (I can practically hear you sigh...:P):
1. Please submit your cards on the same day! If you haven't uploaded the twin to your first entry within three days, I will disqualify your first entry.
2. In the description of both cards, provide a link to the twin!
3. Clearly describe the way(s) in which your cards are twins.
4. You can enter as many times as you want, as long as all your entries are in pairs:)
5. You do not have to dedicate your entries to me, although it would make it easier for me to track them. It would be lovely if you could dedicate one of them to me though, but like I said, that's not obligatory:3
6. Have fun!^^ Yes, that is a rule:)

I will judge on the following criteria:
- Quality.
- How well your cards match (by your description!).
- Originality.

1st place: 3 card requests and 2 gifts.
2nd place: 2 card requests and 2 gifts.
3rd place: 1 card request and 2 gifts.

Depending on the number and quality of the entries (aka how hard it is for me to judge them:P) I may announce special mentions, who will all get 2 gifts^^

Every participant gets 1 gift for entering!^^ Also, everyone gets a shiny medal of course:)

You have 2 months! If you have any questions regarding this challenge, you can leave a comment here or PM me:) Let's get crackin'!


PS: If I invited you, it's probably because I like your cards

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Releasing Perfection ~Felcie
Drifting Dreams... ~Hulaberry32
Bond[1] ~TwinkLes
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