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if i invited you, and i do not know you very well, it is because i like your work!
NOW! do not look at the bottom area until you answer these two questions.

1.Pick a number, any number
A. 32
B. 1
C. 6,000
D. 85
E. 94
F. 643
G. 0
H. 21
I. 41,312
J. 7
K. 973
L. 50

2.Pick a food
A. spaghetti
B. ramen
C. tacos
D. hard boiled eggs
E. birthday cake
F. french fries
ok, no cheating (well, i suppose you could, i mean, no one is stopping you...)

i want you to make a card, the description of what this card should look like will be determined by your answers to the questions!

1. Your card will feature...
A. 32 Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon
B. 1 Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied
C. 6,000 Mello from Death Note
D. 85 Vash from Trigun
E. 94 Piccolo from Dragonball Z (yeah, good luck with that one)
F. 643 Renji from Bleach
G. 0 Orochimaru from Naruto
H. 21 Pinoko from Black Jack
I. 41,312 Yuki from Fruits Basket
J. 7 Ash from Pokemon
K. 973 Sango from InuYasha
L. 50 Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal Alchemist

2.Your color scheme will be based off of (yes, you can alter it, add different colors and dimension, this is just the main color scheme)
A. spaghetti purple
B. ramen green
C. tacos yellow
D. hard boiled eggs blue or orange
E. birthday cake red
F. french fries rainbow

your card can be sad, funny, loving, etc, however you want it to be!
no other rules really, be as creative as you want. as long as it has the character and basically the color scheme you chose, everything else is at your own whim. have fun!!!

Additional Info

*Unlimited entries
*First place gets two graphics, whatever they want
*Second and third place get one graphic, whatever they want
*Everyone else gets something too (we'll see, i mean, i don't want to promise something, because i do not know how many entries there will be and all that)
*follow otaku rules (obviously)

sorry to you girly girls out there for not having a more girly selection (i'm a girl, but i really only read the boyish manga. sailor moon's cool too though. i totally had to look up the name of that guy from fruit basket... lol!)

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