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Hello guys :)

I never thought I'd settle on this idea, but the theme for my first card challenge is OPPOSITES :)

And it's not just about love or people's characters; everything and anything that has an opposite goes: light/dark, good/evil, love/hate, right/wrong, sun/moon, day/night, white/black [or other colors] etc. The idea can be expressed either by the picture you use, the quote/words or both.

The rules are pretty simple:

~ Please limit the images to anime/manga, provide the link if possible, and mention if the quote belongs to someone famous or comes from a song.
~ Yaoi/yuri is very much allowed.
~ Follow theO's guidelines.
~ 2 submissions per person.

And there will also be some prizes :)

~ First place: One card request + 5 gifts
~ Second place: 5 gifts
~ Third place: 3 gifts

Sorry if they aren't much, but I still hope you'll enter my challenge and do your best ^^. Oh and everyone that enters gets a gift [just for making me happy by entering :P]

If you have any question, feel free to ask. You have one month so good luck and I look forward to your cards ^^


Thank you everyone for all your lovely submissions ^^

It was no easy job choosing the winners, you all did such a good work, I really wish I had more golden medals >_<

Oh and I've sent your well-deserved gifts, but if some problem occurs and you haven't received them, please PM me and I'll gladly sent them again.

So that's it for now ^^. Hope I'll be seeing your entries in my next challenges as well :)

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