Angel Zakuro the forbidden dance.

Hey guys. :) Thank you so much for your wonderful entries on my last challenge! There were soooooo many great ones. All wonderful for the holiday spirit~ It was tough to choose winners. So thanks! Now it's time for a new challenge~

So what's on the menu for this challenge? "the forbidden dance." Well, there's a somewhat similar challenge going on for wallpapers, but that's specific to boys-love. For this challenge, I would like you to make a card that has either a boy/boy or girl/girl couple in it. Yes, dance that forbidden dance, break the boundaries, and embrace the so-called darkness.

You can make it sweet, bitter, dark, troubled, joyful, cute, sexy, whatever you want! Just make sure it's a yaoi or yuri pairing. <3 Of course, follow theO's rules when it comes to things! So no nudity or graphic images lol! But, kissing, etc. is totally ok. :] It comes with the territory. ^_~

I'm tired of seeing romance challenges disallow yaoi and yuri. It's ridiculous. Everyone is free to love who they want, and if they want to watch/read yaoi/yuri, then by all means [of course, this is just MY opinion...]. Putting limits on creativity is absurd as well...I know I've wanted to make BL cards for other challenges, but the rules stated NO. So this is your chance to go wild with the yayness to gayness goodness~

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE YAOI OR YURI OR HAVE SOME BEEF WITH HOMOSEXUALITY, PLEASE KEEP YOUR COMMENTS CIVIL. Yes, everyone has a right to their opinions, but don't come on here to comment and bash such things. If I find any bigotry, I will delete the comment immediately. Ok? :D Thanks.

You may enter up to 3 cards! So good luck!! Just have fun~~ Even if you're not a fan of BL or GL, maybe you could still enter this to expand your horizons lol. <3 Enjoy, you have 2 months.

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