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Hey guys! :) Thank you all for the great turnout on my last challenge, a novel idea! <33 It was so great getting all those wonderful cards about BOOKS. About the wonderful goodness of books. It was so tough to choose the winners, really. So good job to the winners, and also wonderful job to everyone else. :) Now it's time for another challenge!

So it's the holiday season now. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah/Hanukkah, etc. etc. But what do those holidays mean? Or rather, what themes do you usually think of? And I'm not talking about presents and food lol. I mean the "spirit." The holidays are supposed to bring a feeling of cheer, giving, loving, family, healing, and other sweet things. So with this challenge I want you to keep those in mind! Here are the rules!

Your card(s) need to represent one (or more) of these themes:

  • family
  • giving
  • healing
  • hope
  • love
  • happiness

The twist is that although this is a holiday-related challenge, and I want your card to deal with those, I don't want any cards that mention any of the holidays in them. I'm going for the spirit and theme of the holidays, not the commercial imagery. So you can't use any of the holidays names in the card (no "Merry Christmas!") and there's not to be any holiday-specific images; for example, no Christmas trees, turkeys, menorahs, etc. Does that make sense? [and yes, I know these holidays are meant to be religious, not necessarily commercial, and I AM religious, but this challenge isn't about the holiday itself, remember? Just the themes above!]

You may, however, have winter/fall scenes if you wish. [and if you're doing "giving," then gifts can be in the pic...I'll allow that lol] Just make sure the quote is inspirational and has something to do with one of the themes up there. *points above* I'm guessing this might sound a bit tough as it isn't a traditional holiday challenge...I'm taking the traditional images/words out of it and wanting to capture the SPIRIT and FEELING instead.

You are allowed to enter 3 cards. :) If you have any questions, just ask away!! I hope this sounds ok lol. I'm afraid I made it too confusing. XD Um, you just have one month! The reason is I don't want the challenge to end in January because I'll be really busy then. ^^;;; GOOD LUCK!

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