Hi there! Welcome to my Yu-Gi-Oh Shrine! You can find out more on your favorite characters or main characters from each series. I will be posting up other stuff such as my own deck recipes, the characters themselves, fan arts and more. Well have fun and thanks for visiting and commenting .

Atemu : Listening to music really relax your soul... huh Kaiba?

Kaiba : ..... yeah I guess...

2010 fanart[2] - the day of the release

yugioh characters everywhere!! Not to mention..CHIBIS!! (so adorable ^^)

Can you spot all of them? Some are hidden.

*Credits goes to the owner

Yugioh Abridge opening

Opening - Kawaita Sakebi ga from season 0

I laugh so hard when see the lyrics especially when Bakura got eaten haha XD

Kuriboh Plushie

So..umm this is my first Kuriboh Plushie after following the tutorial. It can be any size. My kuriboh is a cute small one hehe

Kuriboh plushie [ the tutorial ]

Here are the materials needed for the plushie.

- A fur [ I have used brown and white in this case ]
- felt fabric
- glue
- threads and needle for sewing

*Credits goes to Malindachan

Have fun sewing!!

The Reunion and The Future

The Reunion

*Note - If you don't like Yaoi, pls don't watch this video. Thank you

It is so touching...the creator and animator for this video is really thinking ahead of older yugi's time. I am so in love with this video.

The Future

*Credits to the creators for both video.

I salute for making this short animation clip. So awesome