A strange virus has been spreading across the small city of Delte. A city know for its strange experiments and mutations. This virus does not affect humans, oh no, it only goes after animals. Most animals have fallen into a deep slumber, nothing able to awaken them. But the strongest of them have had a different reaction. They’ve become human. Well, not completely. They still have some animalistic features, like ears, wings, tails, claws, etc. They’re confused, scared, and alone. And now the humans want to experiment on them, can they escape and find a cure? Or will they be stuck like this forever, while their friends and family sleep, never to awaken?

inufluffy12 - Kita
Cat14 - Spike
kyouyarenge - Kiki
Kratos Cruxis - Lancer Talon
wolfdemonchild9 - Tsuki
lapaperninja - Yume
ecnelisterger - Hellacruz
Hulaberry32 - Taiga Akashiya
stinamuffin - Rylee
BrotherlyLoveHK - Misaki Igarashi

Important info
Point System
Spending Points

inufluffy12 - ><
Cat14 - 180
kyouyarenge - 180
Kratos Cruxis - 200
wolfdemonchild9 - 160
lapaperninja - 220
ecnelisterger - 120
Hulaberry32 - 220
stinamuffin - 240
BrotherlyLoveHK - 100

What to do...

I really didn't like thinking about hiding my ears. My tail... I looked at the stubby thing. That my behard to "tuck away". A longer shirt might hide it. And a hat. A sudden thought occured to me, and I ran over to the small reflective stream.

"Where are you going?!" called Kita.

"Just over here!" I yelled back.

Flattening my ears, I saw they were still visible, and I sighed. Then I messed with my hair, trying to put it overtop my ears. It actually worked fairly well! The only problem was the how much I wanted to shake my head. And the itching need to flick my ears, and the muscle strain it took to keep them as they were. But until we could get some kind of hats, it might do... Standing up, I walked over to the group.

"This might work... at least until we can get some hats."



No stealing!

~Kita~ “The first thing would be to hide our animal traits. The ears, the tails, the wings, etc,” Taiga explained, glancing into the air to make sure that the humans hadn’t already come for us. “How would we d...

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Taiga Akashiya I had just begun to relax on the soft dirt floor of the forest when I heard the sound of exasperated shouts from above. Snapping my eyes open irritably, I eyed the two fliers as they lan...

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Foggy Memories


"Are we almost there?" I asked kita "yes. See there's the exit!" She pointed towards the light.

We arrived the whole place was filled with foxes,kita walked over to two foxes that were sleeping in the corner.
This seemed to remind me of when I was a animal,I dint remember much mayve because of the stupid experiments the humans did to me, most of my memories were too foggy, I looked over at the group who seeamed to be lost in though
"Are you Ok?" I asked lance
"Yea am fine" he answered "just not sure what to do now" he muttered the last part,
"We aren't getting anything done by spacing out and thinking about our families," Taiga said snapping most of the group out of their trance..
"Taiga's right! We need to think up a plan. Or something we can do next,"she said cheerfully
"Well what can we do?" Spike said
I looked around the group to see if anyone had any ideas.
"We could try finding the cure to the disease," I offered kita's eyes widened. "Yes! If we try hard enough, we should be able to find it and cure all these animals!" Kita said and whispering from ear to ear.
I smiled happily 'finally someone seeamed to agree with me' I though looking at them.
"First of all, we have to make sure that we're safe. And we can only do that if we get away from here," Taiga suddently said everyones heads turned, "Yume and I could fly around and see if there is anywhere we could go," lance suggested everyone nodded in agreement "That would be great!!" Kita said standing up from her seat
Me and lance stood up.
"Hey, what're your names?" Taiga asked
"Am yume" I said smiling kindly traing not to look fraid of her.
"Lance" he said taiga simply nodded before walking away,"yea,yeah" she said waving her hand.
"Come on let's make sure now" lance said taking off into the air,I nodded and tock off high into the air making sure not to be recognised by the humans.
"What is that" I asked lance looked socked at what I was pointing he looked back at me "Did the humans start a..." I said not lance nodded we headed back to the hideout flying as fast as we could
"There's a fire about a quarter of a mile off!" He shouted " we need to get out of here!!"
"But what about the sleeping animals?" Kita said aloud
"We have to get everyone out of here" lance said everyone nodded
"The fire is not to far" I said.

r u crazy O_o


When Lance had said we have to get everyone out. I looked at him like he was crazy.

"How are we supposed to do that?" I ask him "We can't carry all of the animals in this forest!"

I stopped and perked my ears up sensing that the fire was indeed coming straight for us. I could'nt remember where my family was in this forest, I could'nt remember little things like that...Just that I had a family.