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Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Kanto - Rich Kid, Rocket, Swimmer

The events of the past in Kanto has shaped the lives of three young trainers who missed the call due to events happening at the age of 10.

Age: 15
Lives: Celadon City
Background: Only son and heir to Celadon City's Department store owners, the Rocket Invasion of six years ago caused a market crash that took a long time to recover from, leaving to Gaspard missing his call to start his Pokemon Journey. Although reluctant at first, his parents agreed to Gaspard's participation in the world cup after a request came from Kanto champion Kazama, as well as persuasion from the family butler. Part of Gaspard's extra protection, he's spent his time with Psyduck as his parents believe him to be the most harmless Pokemon. Gaspard is stupidly prepared having spent the last six years studying up on different hobbies to pass the time.

Age: 15
Lives: Saffron City
Background: During the Rocket Invasion, Kyoko lived a fairly happy life as the daughter of high ranking Rocket Grunts, but after Red defeated the Rockets and Giovanni, Kyoko's parents found themselves in poverty unable to get a decent job and security tagged. In the following six years Kyoko was frequently bullied in school for being the child of Rocket Grunts; because of this she despises Red. She finally gets her chance in the World Cup when Kazama's letter arrived now ready to finally take revenge; she brings along Nidoran (F) who has been with Kyoko since she was 10.

Age: 16
Lives: Cinnabar Island and Seafoam Islands
Background: Crystal is the youngest of three sisters who all served as gym trainers to Misty, in fact she was ready to go on her journey when Cinnabar's volcano erupted leaving the family homeless. With Misty's help, they setup home in Seafoam Islands but even after the rebuild, Crystal stayed on Seafoam and became a top level Swimmer. Misty begged Kazama to select Crystal for the cup feeling that she has the potential to win. She was given Staryu by Misty to show that she always has a place at Cerulean Gym.

*a girl with black hair and a pony tail in Rocket Grunt uniform and a Zubat rucksack with Nidoran sat on her Rocket cap arrives*

Kyoko: Nice, I'm here first, I'll definitely grab Charmander for my starter.

*a nerdy boy with glasses and long dull brown hair wearing Pokemon branded gear and Snorlax rucksack with Psyduck aimlessly wandering around arrives*

Gaspard: Psyduck, this isn't the mansion, stop wandering around.

Kyoko: This is one of my competition?

Gaspard: What's a rocket grunt doing here?

Kyoko: Got a problem with Rockets?

Gaspard: Just that Team Rocket has not been around for years.

Kyoko: I'm a Team Rocket kid, get used to it four eyes.

*A tall well toned girl in Cerulean Gym Uniform with tanned skin and blonde hair with Shellder shoulder bag with Staryu inside arrives*

Gaspard: *blushes*

Crystal: Hi there, is this the place?

Kyoko: I guess, the Nurse said to wait for our starters.

Crystal: The letter said that the 9th Gym Leader will greet us.

*Carriage rolls up to the entrance*

Mitsue: *steps out*

Gaspard: The 9th leader is Midnight Cinderella? *glows red*

Crystal: That's quite a presence.

Kyoko: I'm a bit old for fairy tales.

Mitsue: *looks at all three* (I can definitely she Kyoko as the biggest threat) *sets down briefcase* *given tea by Gallade*

Kyoko: *impatient*

Mitsue: Okay, I'll give you the ground rules. The three of you must travel together, in order to even challenge me you must all have defeated at least one type master each, these masters could be anywhere in the Pokemon World, you are not restricted in travel. Only after you've defeated me can you take on Kazama for Kanto's crown.

Kyoko: What's to stop us from challenging you now?

Gardevoir: *eyes glow*

Mitsue: Gardevoir, calm. It's a fair question. But I wouldn't throw away an opportunity before you've even begun. You see if you lose to me, you are out of the cup. No retry.

Kyoko: Right, fine, I'm ready to start.

Mitsue: Rockets were never patient. *opens briefcase*

Crystal: I don't want a fire type. *nervous* I'll just have Squirtle.

Kyoko: Charmander, defeat Red with his own starter, it's perfect.

Gaspard: Guess I'll have Bulbasaur. (Really wanted Charmander)

Mitsue: *keeping an eye on their body language* (you are making my job too easy) *drinks tea*

Kyoko: Try and keep up you two.

Crystal: Can we go to Hoenn first, I really want to swim there.

Gaspard: *follows trying to drag Psyduck away*

Kazama: Are they gone?

Mitsue: Yeah, Kyoko reminds me way too much of our daughter Simca.

Kazama: Is that why you agreed so easily to Kyoko joining?

Mitsue: Simca hated having Rocket blood.

Kazama: As bad as the Rockets were, I don't think the next generation deserve the hatred because of it.

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 1 - Mystery of the Ninth Gym Leaders

The 9th Gym Leader is a role given to the trainer you have to defeat before going to the World Cup, their location is often in a town that has no Gym, unlike standard Gym leaders they don't follow a type theme and you only have one chance to defeat them, they have been compared in strength to the Regional Champion. Their secondary function is giving starters to the three new cup trainers.

Mitsue hails from Lavender Town working nights at the Radio Tower as a multilingual DJ for Unova, Kalos, Alola and Galar. She's actually married to Kanto Cup Champion Kazama. Her graceful style in double battles has been compared to ballroom dancing earning her the nickname Midnight Cinderella, a title she also uses as her DJ name.

DJ Mary: Mitsue, great show last night.

Mitsue: *Six Pikachu helping her get ready* Has Professor Oak sent the starters?

DJ Mary: Right here! *leaves case* here are the trainers. *displays profiles*

Mitsue: A rich kid, a Rocket grunt's daughter and the girl Misty wouldn't shut up about. *Mismagius picks out her dress*

DJ Mary: The ceremony will begin at Indigo Plateau tonight.

Gallade and Gardevoir: *escort Mitsue to her carriage pulled by a Rapidash*

Gourgeist: *hugs Mitsue in the carriage*

Mitsue: *feeds Gourgeist a poffin* Kazama can't keep away from his Rocket days, I sense Kyoko being the biggest threat, the other two I doubt could make an impact.

Jana is known as the grand conductor of Johto. Hailing from Cherrygrove, she helps create music for the Sakura Girls as well as conduct rituals for Celebi, the Legendary roaming beasts and Ho-oh. She grew up with Gabriela. Her warrior like style is comparable to Valkyries.

Jana: *Conducting a piece of music for Celebi with Kricketune* what do you want Kurt? Apricorns aren't in season yet.

Kurt: *leaves a briefcase on the tree stump along with profiles* I believe it's that time again.

Jana: *puts away her baton* about time they sorted out that punk kid Harumi. At least were sticking it to Clair this time, her Dragon Tamers are terrible trainers. *brings out Raikou*

Kurt: Jana try not summon too much thunder on your way to Indigo Plateau.

Jana: *Gets on Raikou* Depends what mood he's in. *rides off, leaving a few thunder claps along the way*

Shannon runs a beach shop in Slateport selling fireworks, beach toys, towels and drinks; she became the unlikely choice for 9th Gym Leader when she defeated Steven Stone. She's also the long serving rival of Darius. Her style is very explosive which unfortunately meant she was constantly hounded by Team Magma for recruiting.

Mr Briney: *pulls up his boat*

Shannon: news from Ever Grande?

Mr Briney: Yep, it's World Cup time. *Peeko drops the suitcase to Shannon*

Shannon: Who have we got this time?

Mr Briney: Talon was always going to be one, what about the others?

Shannon: What the hell is his logic in selecting the two worst trainers in the Hoenn League?

Mr Briney: Publicity I suppose, he could spin it as a rags to riches story.

Shannon: That's a load of Tauros, he clearly doesn't want to be defeated.

Mr Briney: He always was a smart talker. *throws Shannon a life vest*

Shannon: *jumps aboard* I really hope this bites him.

Rick is a veteran hiker from Sandgem becoming the first trainer to conquer all the mountains in the Pokemon World doing so with his close friend Nathan. He has every Gym Badge from each region using a conquering style that exploits rookie trainer mistakes.

Rick: So your telling me that Michael will sue us if we don't add him to the cup?

Rowan: That pretty much sums it up.

Rick: Good grief, I should fight him now to smash that ego of his.

Rowan: Doing so live would be a nice touch.

Rick: I like your thinking, *takes suitcase and jumps in his own Corviknight taxi*

Chao is a well known plane mechanic from Lentimas, she's the only one Nashu feels is worth her time along with Drayden and Clay, her deep strategic style is known to turnover battles in her favour when things get rough.

Skyla: *lands in Lentimas*

Chao: Have you got the prototype ready?

Skyla: No this is strictly Cup business. *passes suitcase*

Chao: More Rosa wannabes?

Skyla: Pokestar ruined Unova.

Chao: You just finished shooting a film.

Skyla: Were desperate for money and it's the reason you still have a job. Given the choice I'd rather keep my airfield going with my Gym than have Pokestar fund it. We get paid per trainer you know.

Chao: *hops onboard* I'll go but you better get your prototype done.

Skyla: Tornado 2 just needs a landing gear then you can fly to Galar in about an hour.

Chao: I pray this goes well.

Back in the old days, Camphrier Town had a Gym in the glorious Shabboneau Castle; the descendent of this Gym leader is Austen, however the modernisation of Kalos along with many hostile bids from Hailey to get the castle prevented it from being revived. Alongside his 9th Gym Leader role, Austen assists Cassius in the PC Box system. This reserved nice guy comes with quite a sinister team of Pokemon.

Cassius: Heads up Austen, we got some starters coming.

Austen: It's that time again already? Please tell me Hailey didn't just find some stuck up rich brats.

Cassius: One of them is, one is about middle ground, Diantha probably wants to make her a project, the last one though, that's surprising.

Austen: *looks at photo and blushes a bit*

Cassius: I know that look, we can't have bias now *throws Austen his car keys* even though I approve your taste.

Austen: I may be 9th Gym Leader but I wish I could be a regular Gym Leader again.

Alola is in need of a proper Elite Four, the task is left with Po Town resident Argenta, a trainer so tough that Guzma is even afraid to battle her. Carver even admits that she should've been Cup champion but she declined saying that an Elite Four was more important to establish. Her aggressive style means she finishes most battles in one hit.

Argenta: Okay Carver, what have the Tapu got for me? *video phone*

Carver: Sending now.

Argenta: *retrieves from the transporter* what is this? Are you trying to feed junk to the tabloids?

Carver: We've always had Tapu choose.

Argenta: We need tough trainers not sentimental trash.

Carver: I don't question it, the Tapu are easily riled up especially Tapu Bulu, who already did a number on Po Town before Team Skull claimed it.

Argenta: *retrieves her mountain gear* Were still a laughing stock among the Pokemon World, we have no Champion and our original Elite Four is nothing more than Kahunas who keep switching out depending on mood.

No one knows where Ilya came from, one thing that is known is that she is a vagabond who set up camp at the icy cold region of Circhester Bay, she is drinking buddies with Shriners. Her survival style makes her difficult to defeat.

Ilya: *arrives at a bar in Spikemuth*

Shriners: I know you hate Wyndon but were due another cup.

Ilya: *orders Circhester Ale* What's your verdict?

Shriners: One like me, one like you and another Hop clone.

Ilya: Not much for diversity as always.

Shriners: *hands over suitcase* we drink in Circhester next time, I want a steak and a Roman Bath.

Ilya: If I beat them all, make it Hulbury and gourmet seafood. *sets off by foot*

Pokemon Roads - Prologue

With each region of the Pokemon world having been through their own share of problems, all worlds collide for the Pokemon World Cup.
After the first season, each region's Cup Champion was put in charge of endorsing the next generation of competitors. The selection was decided by the original region Champion, the region Professor and the Cup Champion.

Kazama started as a competent Gambler from Fuschia City, he is said to be the last Gym Trainer of Giovanni before his sudden departure following Team Rocket's fall.

Daisy: Grandpa pay attention, we need to choose our new trainers.

Oak: Yes, indeed, we need your expertise Mr Kazama.

Kazama: Anything to add Red?


Kazama: I'm willing to take bets on recommendations from our Gym Leaders, I'll take on Misty's request for Crystal to be endorsed as well as Surge's request for Gaspard.

Daisy: Don't you have your own recommendation Kazama?

Kazama: *Pushes resume foward* this girl.

Daisy: *Chokes on tea* She's the daughter of Rocket Grunts!

Kazama: Although they'll never admit it, most of our Gym Leaders were on Rocket Pay Cheques.

Oak: What an absurd thing to suggest.

Kazama: It's simple when you think about it. Pewter needed fossils so Brock let them dynamite Mt Moon in exchange for museum pieces, Misty dated a rocket so she overlooked the recruitment drive on Nugget Bridge, Erika used Rocket money to keep quiet about her only women Gym trainer policy in exchange for Rockets running the Game Center, Sabrina was paid huge money to remove the Fighting Gym and take over giving the Rockets access to Silph Co in return, Blaine out right worked on the Mew Project with Dr Fuji hence why they had little trouble entering Lavender Town. Only Surge and Koga have clean hands.

Daisy: You've been round Giovanni too long.

Kazama: The fact is former Rocket Grunts are unfairly treated because of the Embargo on them having Pokemon and their offspring get bullied as a result, we have to be seen as moving on and letting people reform.


Daisy: You agree Red?

Oak: Okay then, trainers approved.

Kazama: Giovanni gambled on me once. *pets a Persian* Least I can do is give the same to one of his followers.

Gabriela is often called the last traditional woman of Johto. Originally from Cianwood as a Judo Instructor, she was instrumental in bringing the Sakura Girl culture to Kalos along with first Fairy Gym Leader Valerie.

Elm: Okay, which school shall be sending trainers this time?

Gabriela: I think it's obvious giving my history with them that it has to be the Sakura Girls.

Lance: *sulks*

Gabriela: Don't sulk, Blackthorn's Dragon Tamers have more chances than they deserved.

Lance: Only because of Fairy types.

Elm: Can we get back on topic?

Gabriela: I've already selected three students of the Sakura School. Zuki's daughter Honoka and the twins Ayumi and Harumi.

Lance: The anarchy twins of Goldenrod? Good luck getting anything out of them.

Gabriela: Ayumi grew out of the rebellion phase, it's just Harumi that continues being a bitch. I'll take Zuki's request to endorse Honoka out of respect, the twins are a nice bonus.

Elm: Whitney will certainly thank you for this.

Gabriela: *brushes her Flareon* I was able to bring Sakura culture to Kalos, now I want to return the favour to the same group that made a lady out of me.

Darius from Lilycove City actually won the Pokemon World Cup last year having been heavily sponsored by Steven Stone, eager not to lose his title and help his little brother, Darius tries to rig the next competition in his favour.

Darius: It's a no brainer to have Talon compete but who to add? A lot of these trainers have gym affiliates.

Birch: Are you ready Darius?

Darius: Are there any more trainers?

Wallace: Those are the ones that qualify.

Darius: What about those not on the qualified list?

Birch: They barely pass for Rattata trainers.

Darius: (think Darius) *looks at a hall of fame picture of Wally* we once gave a chance to Wally and he achieved great things, why not expand that to others?

Steven: I like his thinking. Show him the other trainers.

Birch: Okay, *brings up trainers*

Darius: That's better, the scruffy guy with the Tropius and the girl with the Pidgey.

Steven: I'll make the calls right away.

Darius: *feeds a rock to Tyranitar* (this will be easy, I look forward to retaining my title)

Nathan's path to being a Pokemon trainer came off the back of being the first ever person to conquer every mountain in the Pokemon world; originally from Sunyshore City, his strength showed in the World Cup when he made the final match with Darius.

Rowan: Are we sticking with the mountain theme?

Cynthia: I think so, Coronet has always been our greatest mountain.

Nathan: Wake will kill me if I didn't add Kurt.

Rowan: Michael however put us in an awkward position, he's rallied his fans against us to approve him.

Nathan: Let the baby have his way, might keep Sinnoh quiet for a while.

Cynthia: May I recommend this young lady?

Nathan: Jade? Yep, she'll be a good choice.

Cynthia: Now were done with that, time you showed me your Steelix. *pulls Nathan close*

Steelix: *opens eye then snorts*

Nathan: You spoil me Cynthia.

Rowan: *drinks coffee quietly*

Unova became obsessed with idols and superstars following Rosa's debut as a Pokestar actress, this allowed Driftveil miner Nashu to sweep to the top without much trouble, faced with choosing the next trainers, Nashu feels irritated by the whole celebrity status.

Nashu: Juniper is this the best you can find?

Juniper: What can we do? Rosa is a superstar actress.

Nashu: I think we lost something as a region. Iris you're not helping.

Iris: *slips on a new crown and dress*

Juniper: Were already under pressure to bring on Kaya.

Nashu: A prissy idol singer, fine, I'm not in the mood to argue with Elesa.

Iris: Nashu come on, take this seriously.

Nashu: Fine, I'll pick the Otaku girl and the farm girl, they disgust me the least. *leaves the room*

Conkeldurr: *grabs a stone pillar to punch*

Nashu: Thanks buddy. *shatters pillar with one punch*

Hailey from Lumiose City, rose to the top at the Battle Chateau from maid to Grand Duchess, establishing herself as the richest trainer in Kalos

Diantha: So how to proceed Lady Hailey?

Hailey: Well we already have one trainer after your title.

Diantha: Ah yes, Athena, splendid choice. I have selected Gwendoline, she will become my greatest project to mold into a glorious young lady, Sycamore would you like to add to our elegant selection?

Sycamore: I pick Feria.

Hailey: *Nearly chokes on tea* surely you jest, such a flithy vagabond has no place here.

Diantha: Show some restraint Lady Hailey, while I'm not big on her myself, I for one like the challenge of making a lady out our dear Vagabond.

Sycamore: I shall make the preparations immediately.

Hailey: *feeds a treat to Sylveon* Make sure you give Feria a full treatment.

Carver became the unlikely hero of Alola when he fought and captured Tapu Koko in his native Hau'oli City, the locals seeing it as the Guardian selecting their champion.

Kukui: I'm ready, my body's ready.

Carver: I want to give back to trainers who maybe don't have as many chances as we did.

Kukui: sounds perfect.

Carver: Tapu Koko, call your companions see if you can't select us some trainers.

Tapu Koko: *nods and flies off*

Kukui: This is the easiest job we've had to do.

Carver: The Tapu Pokemon are rarely wrong.

Shriners is often described as the one Cool Trainer who went the extra mile. Originally from Circhester, she is now the first of the new Galar Elite Four.

Leon: Are we having a champion time!

Sonia: Leon not around Shriners, you know how irritated she gets.

Leon: *knocked out by a punch*

Sonia: I did warn him.

Shriners: Now can we get down to business?

Sonia: Our Gym Leaders narrowed it down to three.

Shriners: So one each then.

Sonia: Yeah, I pick Naomi.

Shriners: This was more Piers choice but I select Sasha.

Leon: I pick Marlon. He looks like a real champion guy.

Shriners: *punches Leon again* just what we need, Hop 2.0

Darmanitan: *sits on Leon* *eats photo of Marlon*

Shriners: I know Darmanitan but we have to accept his choice. As stupid as it maybe.

Pokemon Roads - Introduction

After careful consideration, I've decided to reboot Victory Script starting with a Pokemon fic I call Pokemon Roads which focusses on trios of trainers from different regions leading up to the Pokemon World championships


Kanto Trainers

Gaspard: A rich kid from Celadon City who has had a sheltered upbringing all his life, seeing Pokemon as his ticket into the world, he finally has a chance to leave the mansion, he seems to change hobbies all the time. His partner is Psyduck and his starter is Bulbasaur.

Kyoko: The only daughter of Team Rocket Grunts from Saffron City, barely staying above the breadline, Kyoko resents the champion Red and hopes to one day defeat him in revenge for defeating her parents and sending them into poverty. Her partner is Nidoran (F) and her starter is Charmander.

Crystal: A swimmer from Cinnabar Island, having been made homeless by the volcanic eruption, Crystal built her own shack in Seafoam Islands, she hopes to one day be Pokemon Swimming champion beating all the Water Gym Leaders in the process. Her partner is Staryu and her starter is Squirtle.

Johto Trainers

Ayumi: One half of twins from Goldenrod City, Ayumi was sent by her mother with her sister to become a Kimono Girl, eager to learn the path of a true Kimono Girl, she hopes her journey will help her ascend the ranks. Her partner is Eevee and her starter is Chikorita.

Honoka: A shy girl from Ecruteak City, Honoka struggles with the customs and training of becoming a Kimono Girl feeling the weight of pressure from her famous mother Zuki. Her partner is Eevee and her starter is Cyndaquil.

Harumi: The other half of twins from Goldenrod City, Harumi resents being sent to Ecruteak to become a Kimono Girl feeling the custom to be dated and pointless refusing to turn up for lessons and even refusing to train an Eevee. Her partner is Sneasel and her starter is Totodile.

Hoenn Trainers

Talon: A confident Gym Trainer from Lilycove City, Talon is eager to follow the path of his older brother Darius who battled and defeated the Elite Four. He trains under Winona. His partner is Fletchinder and his starter is Treecko.

Lorna: A clumsy Gym Trainer from Fortree City, Lorna struggles with the expectations placed on her by Winona as she frequently messes up in battle. Her partner is Pidgey and her starter is Torchic.

Rhymer: A wandering poet and song writer from Mauville City, he spends a lot of time wandering the grasslands of Hoenn looking for his next muse, setting up his own secret base. His partner is Tropius and his starter is Mudkip.

Sinnoh Trainers

Jade: A petite trainer from Canalave City, she took on the Pokemon Peaks Challenge to prove no challenge is too much. Her partner is Onix and her starter is Turtwig.

Kurt: A gentle giant from Pastoria City, he trains for days in order to beat the biggest challenges, entering the Pokemon Peaks Challenge is another one of those challenges. His partner is Machoke and his starter is Chimchar.

Michael: A cocky TV celebrity from Jubilife City who thinks he can take on anything, including the Pokemon Peaks Challenge. His partner is Golem and his starter is Piplup.

Unova Trainers

Marine: A farmer's daughter from Floccesy Town, Marine seeks fame and fortune outside the farm in the hopes of being a top celebrity. Her partner is Mareep and her starter is Snivy.

Reika: An amateur actress from Virbank City, Reika dreams of entering Pokewood Studios and becoming a movie star. Her partner is Pawniard and her starter is Tepig.

Kaya: An aspiring idol from Nimbasa City, she failed numerous auditions and hopes to finally become an idol after some Pokemon training. Her partner is Pansage and her starter is Oshawott.

Kalos Trainers

Athena: A trainer from Lumiose City obsessed with joining the Elite Four and defeating Diantha. Her partner is Deerling and her starter is Chespin.

Gwendoline: A chubby geek girl with no confidence from Dendemille Town, she's a big fan of Champion Wallace and wants to become a contest champion. Her partner is Cubchoo and her starter is Fennekin.

Feria: A vagabond who hangs about Coumarine City, she only took up Pokemon training because she was bored. Her partner is Riolu and her starter is Froakie.

Alola Trainers

Jesse: A pro surfer from Heahea City, he lives a free life and loves all Pokemon. His partner is Pikachu and his starter is Rowlet.

Rin: A researcher who works at Hokulani Observatory, she's eager to get the approval of the Aether Foundation to fund her discovery. Her partner is Shellder and her starter is Litten.

Azura: Azura spent her childhood mostly in hospital in Heahea with a weak heart, after her final treatment, she can finally act as a normal person and go on a Pokemon Journey. Her partner is Wailmer and her starter is Popplio.

Galar Trainers

Naomi: A merchant from Stow-on-Side, she seeks her fortune in business by selling her own items. Her partner is Sandile and her starter is Grookey.

Marlon: A hyperactive fan of Leon from Wyndon, he wants nothing more than to compete on the same field as his idol. His partner is Shuckle and his starter is Scorbunny.

Sasha: A music shop owner from Motostoke, she's a fan of Piers and feels he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Her partner is Torkoal and her starter is Sobble.

I Quit Fiction Writing - Change My Mind

When I started here at theotaku, it was to begin a long personal hobby being a writer, I enjoyed writing reviews and stories in the hopes that people will enjoy reading it, helping me make some life time friends but while I continue to enjoy reviewing anime, I can't say the same about fiction writing.
For a while now I've been missing the motivation to continue writing fiction, I no longer enjoy it.

So I'm asking anyone who cares to read this, should I even keep going with story writing? Because if not, Victory Script will be deleted a few weeks from now.
If you want me to keep going, I'll see what I can salvage and start fresh.