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Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Kalos - Cool Trainer, Poke Maniac, Vagabond

Having seen a huge number of trainers rising up the ranks of the Chateau, Hailey and Diantha hope to mold more trainers into splendid ladies and gentlemen.

Age: 16
From: Lumiose City
Background: A stylist from Lumiose City, Athena dreams of one day defeating the champion Diantha, a goal she's had since Diantha came to her salon. She preferred to train a Deerling to the Furfrou's her work colleagues have.

Age: 15
From: Dendemille Town
Background: Having been turned down for Pokemon journeys due to poor fitness, Gwendoline has always just been a fan hoping for even a chance to go on a journey. Diantha seeing her as a unique challenge gives her a chance to compete. She made friends with a Cubchoo outside her home town when she was young and has been with her since.

Age: 20
From: Undetermined but hangs around Coumarine City
Background: No one knows where she came from, what is known is she likes warm places and has spent a good part of the last few years in Coumarine City, she makes her money helping Ramos with gardening. A Riolu follows her after she helped him escape an attack and is now her partner Pokemon.

*Girl in stylist clothing with styled blonde hair already at the League destination feeding Deerling*

Austen: Haven't the others arrived?

Athena: *points to Gwendoline*

*Girl passed out with glasses, tracksuit and black twintails on a bed with Cubchoo cooling her head*

Austen: What happened?

Athena: She passed out after walking a mile. Drasna picked her up on Dragonite

Austen: Still don't see Feria.

*Girl with pony tail Purple hair, long leopard print jacket with black trousers and a red top with plenty of tools attached to her bag. Riolu asleep in the bag*

Austen: *blushes slightly*

Feria: Never seen a girl before? *piercing red eyes*

Austen: Well now that everyone is here lets issue the rules, to fight me you need to beat a master trainer and achieve the Grand Duchess Rank at the Chateau.

Athena: Should we wait for Gwen to wake up?

Feria: Your Pokemon should know Aromatherapy so use it.

Athena: How did she? Never mind. *Deerling uses Aromatherapy*

Gwen: Wha, what happened?

Feria: You were having dreams. *throws her a Pokeball* *already chose Froakie*

Athena: *chose Chespin* We gotta get ready.

Gwen: *smiles at getting Fennekin* (those girls look so much better than me)

Austen: (Feria looks even better in person)

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Unova - Farmer, Poke Maniac, Idol

The world of Unova is awe struck by the success of leading actress Rosa with many hoping to reach the same heights.

Age: 16
Lives: Floccesy Town
Background: Marine spent her life on the farm but can't help feel there's more to this life especially when Pokestar Studios is so close to her door. She brings Mareep with her after she kept one of the flock when the Mareep were replaced with Wooloo.

Age: 17
Lives: Virbank City
Background: Reika makes her living as an extra at the Pokestar Studios and hopes to one day take it to the next level just like Rosa did. Her shiny Pawniard she caught herself after an encounter with Heartbreaker Charles.

Age: 14
Lives Nimbasa City
Background: Kaya is an idol who can't seem to catch a break, having been overlooked many times for numerous auditions. Elesa not wanting her talent to go to waste endorses Kaya for the Cup much to Nashu's annoyance. She's been with Pansage since winning him in a competition at Striaton City Gym.

*Girl with brown hair in pig tails in a frilly idol dress arrives with Pansage sat on her shoulder*

Kaya: I think this is the place.

*Girl with long aqua hair wearing flannel shirt and jeans arrive followed by a Mareep*

Kaya: That's a cute Mareep.

Marine: Thanks, I saved her from getting sold on.

*Girl with blue hair in pony tail and a headband dressed in sentai gear with Pawniard copying her poses*

Reika: I'm ready for my audition.

Chao: Did you even understand the memo?

Reika: Sure I did, isn't this an audition?

Chao: No it's real life and your up for the cup.

Reika: I really wanted that role.

Chao: Calm down, you do well enough you can get any role. Okay, to battle me you need to defeat a master trainer and earn the approval of Nashu herself which worries me a little since you all seem to be aiming for something she despises.

Marine: I'm a young girl who wants more than farm work *picks Snivy*

Kaya: To walk the path of an idol and share the stage with Elesa. *picks Oshawott*

Reika: To become a top actress *picks Tepig*

Nashu: *watching from another room* *speaks to Chao through comms* sorry to waste your time Chao.

Chao: Those pokemon they brought with them were all caught as opposed to inheriting them by their positions, maybe they are decent trainers

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Sinnoh - Hiker, Blackbelt, TV Star

Having become the spiritual home of the humble Hikers, Sinnoh looks set to send more of it's citizens up the peaks.

Age: 19
Lives: Canalave City
Background: Standing barely 5ft, Jade started as a Gym Trainer for Roark and even did some Mining before taking on Hiking as a hobby finding that she was quite adept at it leading her to challenge the Pokemon Peaks. She has a habit of attracting large Pokemon as she still has her Gym trained Onix.

Age: 22
Lives: Pastoria City
Background: Standing well over 6ft tall, Kurt is a gentle giant who goes to great lengths to be in top physical form, the peaks is just one more challenge to conquer. Endorsed by Gym Leader Crasher Wake and given a Machoke to train with, Kurt wants to be the one to challenge Nathan.

Age: 24
Lives: Jubilife City
Background: Michael has been part of the Television Reality scene for the best part of a year now and already his ego is way more than most people can handle; he believes he can accomplish any task so unable to ignore the chance to compete in the Cup, he aggressively puts his name forward for the peaks challenge, even taming a Golem just to have an edge.

Rick: *notices the TV crew* Geez, this will be annoying.

*well dressed Hiker with fake tan and well done hair discussing with the crews, Golem all rolled up and asleep*

Michael: Ah Rick, so good of you to show up, I believe you have a Pokemon for me.

Rick: I suggest your crew stands down before I issue anything.

Michael: Very well. Take five everyone.

*short girl in hiking gear and long twin tails gets lowered down by an Onix*

Jade: Sorry I'm late, Onix isn't the fastest underground.

*small rumble of the ground as a large boulder is dropped at the door by a tall hiker with his Machoke*

Kurt: Good hustle Machoke, let's grab you a buddy.

Rick: Let's not get grabby now, I need to go over the rules.

Michael: Climb the peaks then we fight you, got it.

Rick: More than that, to prove you've even done it, you need a badge to signal that the mountain has been scaled which is issued by a member of the Pokemon League, you'll also need to defeat a master trainer. The final destination will be the Spear Pillar on Mt Coronet where you will face myself before tackling Nathan in the cup.

Michael: Loud and clear. *selects Piplup*

Jade: Do we have to travel with this windbag? *selects Turtwig*

Rick: Sadly, you have to travel together.

Kurt: I wouldn't worry, *selects Chimchar* people who boast are rarely seen at the end.

Rick: I'm glad you were picked Kurt.

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Hoenn - Cool Trainer, Lass, Musician

Having won the previous World Cup, Darius is under pressure to keep his title from falling to someone else so he's worked his fans into believing he's helping poor trainers with his brother leading.

Age: 14
Lives: Lilycove City
Background: Talon is the youngest of many siblings in his family and Darius being the oldest and current champion presents pressure for Talon to emulate his brother. Like his siblings, he's a Gym Trainer for Hoenn and is part of Winona's Gym training a Fletchinder he received from her for joining Fortree Gym.

Age: 14
Lives: Fortree City
Background: In stark contrast, Lorna is a petite, clumsy, Gym trainer for Fortree City. Only barely passing the test to become a Gym Trainer, Lorna has a 0% win record with most trainers skipping her on purpose especially when her only Pokemon is Pidgey.

Age: 19
Lives: Mauville City
Background: Rhymer used to be a Gym Trainer for Mauville City but his overly laid back attitude made him a pushover causing him to lose his place. Setting up a den in the grasslands near the Weather Institute, Rhymer just writes poetry and songs with his Pokemon Tropius who he caught shortly after setting up his den.

*A teen dressed in trendy clothes and a trendy hat with stylish brown hair and Fletchinder on his shoulder arrives*

Shannon: Ahoy Talon!

Talon: Hey Shannon, did Briney bring you?

Shannon: He sure did.

*a lanky male with messy brown curls and facial stubble along with a guitar and messy hippy clothes arrives on the back of Tropius*

Shannon: So you do know where Ever Grande is.

Rhymer: I know Hoenn well enough, I even made a raft to get here.

*young teen in school uniform arrives with long blonde hair in a hairband and Pidgey sitting on her back after she falls flat on her face*

Rhymer: Quite the entrance little one.

Lorna: Not again. Owww.

Talon: And you wonder why you have no wins.

Shannon: *helps up Lorna* Come on sweetie, show me some guts.

Lorna: I'll try.

Shannon: Rules are simple, to earn a battle from me you must defeat a master trainer and receive backing from a Hoenn League affiliated Gym Leader or Elite Four member.

Lorna: *Gloomy*

Shannon: (I feel bad for her, she really has no confidence)

Talon: *selects Treecko* Now I can really hope to challenge my brother.

Rhymer: *selects Mudkip* This little guy should get on well with Tropius.

Lorna: *left with Torchic* I suppose it's at least cute.

Shannon: (Not sure I agree with the conditions, Wattson fired Rhymer and Winona doesn't exactly use Lorna in any Gym challenges. Knowing that Rhymer rafted here gives me some hope but Lorna looks like a lost cause already)

Pokemon Roads - Chapter 2 Johto - Sakura Girl, Sakura Girl, Delinquent

The Sakura Girls have been Johto's pride and joy for many centuries but this is the first time in their history that none of it's students are fit to graduate.

Age: 16
Lives: Goldenrod City
Background: The younger of the twins, Ayumi is eager to show what she can do as a Kimono Girl, originally a delinquent, she started growing out of the phase when Harumi started committing petty crimes. Her mother sent both to the Kimono Girls school but only Ayumi has received her Eevee.

Age: 15
Lives: Ecruteak City
Background: Honoka is the only daughter of one of the original five Kimono Girls Zuki. Naturally shy and easily flustered, Honoka struggles with her training. Her Eevee is a second generation offspring of Zuki's Umbreon.

Age: 16
Lives: Goldenrod City
Background: The older of the twins, Harumi hasn't really changed much, mostly a rebel without a cause. Unlike Ayumi, she openly dislikes the Kimono Girls customs going as far as to refuse an Eevee to train believing them to be dated and prevents Johto from being more modern. Impressed by her delinquent attitude, a Sneasel joined her as her partner in crime.

*two identical girls in jeans and similar matching Pokemon tee arrive, one with blonde hair streaks, the other with pink hair streaks. Both carrying similar rucksacks, Eevee running around, Sneasel sharpening his claws casually*

Ayumi: Who are we waiting for?

Harumi: The so called 9th Gym Leader.

*Girl with Hazel twin tail hair arrives in feminine clothing and a cute shoulder bag with Eevee inside arrives*

Honoka: Hello, is this where we get the starters?

Harumi: Any place that's not the Kimono Girls place is fine by me.

Ayumi: Take no notice Honoka.

Honoka: *Jumps from sound of thunder*

Raikou: *lands a big jump with Jana ontop*

Harumi: Nice entrance.

Jana: *Looks at them all* Looking at you lot doesn't give me hope for Johto to win.

Ayumi: Conductor Jana is the 9th Gym Leader?

Jana: Alright ladies listen up! *puts feet on table* You wanna qualify, you get past me but to fight me you need to beat a master trainer as well as earn approval from the Sakura Girls.

Harumi: Whatever I just want out of this god forsaken town.

Jana: You gotta stay together as well mind, so don't go travelling solo Harumi.

Harumi: Yeah whatever. *picks Totodile* All I ask is that you lot keep up.

Ayumi: Sis, come on, show some restraint, *picks Chikorita*

Honoka: *picks Cyndaquil* Sigh

Jana: One more thing. *leaves a Pokeball for Harumi* you can still get an Eevee.

Harumi: Leave it for someone who gives a damn.

Ayumi: Harumi show some respect for Conductor Jana.

Jana: I wouldn't bother Ayumi. (Saying that I can already picture who's going to get what Eevee) *Black, Red and Pink Aura swirling around the three trainers*