Animal Gijinkas

CALYPSO Name: Calypso Nickname: Cal though he doesn’t like to be called like that except for really few people, Kitty, Boy (Only used by Heiko) ...

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Pokemon Gijinkas

LETTE THE LINOONE Pokemon: Linoone Name: Lette Age: 21 Day of Birth: July 4 Hair color:...

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Blaise Marez

Name: Blaise Marez

Age: 21

Hair color: Was light brown now is pink

Eye color: Has heterochromia. Left: dark blue Right: pale blue

Height: 17o cm

Birth: February 11th

-Mother: Brigitte, disappeared when he was young.
-Father: Botho, 60 years old
-Bruno: Younger brother, 17 years old.

Personality: His primary mood is being a happy and hyperactive guy who loves to tease people and is very caring towards others; he is passionate for his work and because of this he always takes anything related to it in the most serious way.

He suffers from BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and this causes him to have mood swings (sometimes caused by something or sometimes without a cause) that last some hours as maximum (except for the longest one he had that lasted 1 week). His condition makes him see things as bad or good and for that reason he has a lot of problems trusting people; if you make any tiny mistake he will hate you or lose any trust in you forever.

He is the type of person who doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time; if he feels insecure, not useful or not loved he will harm himself unconsciously or to attract attention. If you manage to accept him, you will see he loves to give and receive love just like a small child; he sometimes looks younger than he is, that is until he gets serious of course; apart from that he loves to be caressed.

Story: Blaise was raised as a normal boy in a normal family along with his mother Brigitte, his father Botho and his little brother Bruno; however at the age of 8 his mother suddenly abandoned the family leaving Botho in charge of the two boys and making he become an overprotecting father, specially towards Blaise.

At first the overprotecting was good until Botho began to notice his older son wasn’t normal at all; his way of protecting him became extreme (meaning with that he treated him as if he wasn’t capable of anything) and hurt Blaise in several ways (physical and psychological) with the final result of Blaise hating him after long fights and noticing his younger brother was treated differently.

When he was able to attend college he thought he would finally get rid of his family but his father kept protecting him and sent him to the college he chose; some years later Blaise was tired of the decision and decided to change college; that’s when he met Leverett. Botho knew Leverett’s father because they studied in the same place; however they differed in the way of doing things so they never talked again; that time he had received Leverett because he needed advice and at the end of the conversation something happened. Leverett managed to convince Botho to let his son change of college to the one he was going to attend in exchange of him protecting him; that way both of them won.

Blaise thought Leverett was going to be the same way as his father but just few weeks were enough for Lev to prove him the contrary; since they shared a room and were studying the same, they became close friends and managed to deal with the other’s strange traits. When Leverett was expelled and disappeared without telling him anything Blaise was devastated, he thought he had been betrayed by the only person he truly trusted and so he tried to commit suicide, after seeing it wasn’t working he had an internal fight over the passion he had for his career and his relationships and somehow he managed to put his career first and finished it.

He met again with Leverett some months after he disappeared and after his longest mood swing he finally began to trust his friend again. Blaise is currently working driving a hearse car and other works at a funeral parlor.

Quote: Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death….

Lunette The Lumineon

Pokemon: Lumineon

National #: 457

Title: Neon pokemon

Type of Pokemon: water

Held Item: None

Ability: Storm Drain

Attacks: Canon, surf, boiling water, silver wind, dive, aqua ring

Weak Against: Grass, electric

Name: Lunette

Nick Names: Lun, Little Moon

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Birthday: October 7

Birthstone: Opal

Sign: Libra

Element: Water

Height: 5’6’’

Weight:110 lb

Chest: 36C

Hair Color: Black

Hair Length: To her waist

Eye Color: Magenta

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Hourglass

Markings/Scars: none

Tattoos: A bird on her right low abdomen

Piercings: Ears

Looks: A mysterious girl with a nice smile; Lumineon fins and tail that
doesn’t show up.

Full Outfit: Strapless really dark blue kimono with short sleeves that end in the pattern of a Lumineon fin, the bottom of the kimono ends the same.
Light blue socks that go up until above her knees and traditional kimono shoes. The ribbon of the Kimono are her fins.

Persona: Lunette is a girl who enjoys life; she loves to feel everything around her in a detailed way; for example smell different scents, taste different kind of foods, do new things she has never tried before and watching-appreciating everything.

Most of the times she is polite and a very happy girl; however she too has her dark side and tends to be very reserved with everything that involves her, like her past or fears; besides she too is interested in dark magic and paranormal things, so it makes her look kind of mysterious. If she feels comfortable around you and actually wants to, she would let you know more about herself and will joke around with you. On the other hand if she doesn’t feel very comfortable, she would try and act as politely as possible…don’t make her angry, she is not aggressive (if she doesn’t need to be) but her words would be enough to make you feel like crap.

She is honest and because of that is harsh sometimes. She doesn’t trust men
easily because of previous incidents and she tries to be patient and be support for others most of the times.

Orient: Straight

S/O: Gil

Rival: Reika (Gil’s ex-fiancee) or any woman who forces Gil to do
something he doesn’t want.

Siblings: Delilah and Addy (both are Delcatty gijinkas)

Relationships: Sees Badrak as her older brother.


Grade: She would be a college student

Job: Waitress In a tiny shop at her Hometown

Song Name: You found me

Song Artist: The Fray


Likes: Spicy food, windy days, cold weathers, dark places, swimming, rain, reading, massages and anything that has to do with scents

Dislikes: That anyone disturbs her when she is calmed or relaxing; that anyone teases or makes something bad to the people close to her; loud noises, noisy people, hot weathers without wind.

Fears: Losing her sisters, deserts and being disrespected by a man.

Strengths: Steel, fire, Ice, water and the way to perceive deep things by only feeling scents

Weaknesses: Grass, electric



Food: French food

Drink: Green Tea

Color: Dark Blue

Flower: Viola

Tree: Eucalyptus

Season: Winter

Activity: Watching horror movies



~ Lunette used to live in a desert zone since she was little; she hates that weather and the fact she was a water type living in a desert didn’t help her a lot; she was always sad or upset. She habited in an orphan place along other kids similar to her and the reason she was left there is still unknown for her; she grew up along the other little gijinkas and considered them as her family, specially two Delcatty gijinkas (Addy and Delilah) that always took care of her as their little sister.

One day a strange event happened in the place and the only thing they were told was that they needed to hide and be silent; that wasn’t possible and so the group of hunters that had arrived that morning found them and captured them all. Lunette, in an attempt of escaping tried to hit them with a boiling water attack and Delilah use one of hers too; the result was that they both were left alone in the desert because the hunters found them troublesome. They almost died because of the sun and not being able to find water; however a kind man called Gagnesh who was travelling with his daughter found them a week after and decided to help them. Seeing they were weak and orphans he decided to adopt them and took them with him.

They grew up with another family but when they were old enough they decided to
start working at Gagnesh place and that’s how they met Badrak.

Raijuu Rokubi

Name: Raijuu Rokubi
Age: appears to be 19
Gender: Male
Height: 180 cm
Weight. 175 lb
Species: Weasel biju
Tails: 6
Type: lightning and wind
Hair Color: Yellow with two black locks
Eye Color: purple

Personality: He is a calmed person who likes to relax and appreciate things in life at his own rhythm; however he is not very tolerant with certain details such as loud breathing or little noises, when this happens he tries to think in something else or else he would become crazy.

The other half of the time he is a hyper person and because of that he tends to say and act in weird ways, especially if it has to do with relationships. Other than that, he is a loyal friend who will try to help as far as he can.

Likes: Anything that has to do with electricity, especially the thunderstorms; sleeping, watching nature, watching horror movies, chocolate and sour candies.

Dislikes: Being alone, disappointing the people dear to him, death.
Attacks and Jutsus: Anything with lighting and wind; he is very fast and uses close combat.


-Kokoro: girlfriend and roomate
-Friends: Shukaku,Yuri, Kyuubi, Suki, Chiyoko, Dutch, Kayo, etc.

Favorite song: The scientist by Coldplay

Sayings: Great! (in a sarcastic way)

Looks: His appearance is similar to Minato’s from Naruto

Habits : Eats a lot, sleeps a lot and keeps some of his feeling within him.

Disabilities: Being shy when you first know him, being very hyper some times and his mania of not being tolerant with details.


When he was little Raijuu lived with his parents; he was a happy kid most of the times; however the reality was that his mother felt some hate towards him because when he was born, her husband decreased the amount of attention to her, still she was a good mother and raised him.

As time passed, Raijuu began to notice this strange behaivor but ignored it in order to keep himself happy. Years passed and his mother felt in a depression which, in words of his father, was Raijuu’s fault; since that day, the relationship between them began to decrease in a strong way and it arrived to a point in which everything were appearances.

Of course this wasn’t a healthy atmosphere for a child to grow in and when fights began to get worst there was a point in which Raijuu fought his father in a serious way; meaning with that that both real forms were in the battle. At the end Raijuu won against his father and was surprised by the fact his father was dead; at the same time he felt himself at peace and free. Problems got worst when his mother acknowledged the news; after that she suddenly disappeared and three months later someone told Raijuu she was dead. During that time he was alone most of the times but learned how to deal with it and saw it as a chance of learning more about himself.

One week later, a friend of his mother who was dear to Raijuu appeared from a trip she was doing; when Raijuu told her about everything she decided to adopt him as her own child and he saw this as the best idea in the world; what surprised him the most was the fact she was a demon hunter that had a gold heart because when they arrived to her place, he discovered there were several children like him that were also demons.

Raijuu’s faith had change to better as he met his friends Tora and Kisha; since that age they became inseparable; however as they grew feelings towards each other developed with the result of Tora and Raijuu loving Kisha; from her side, she loved Raijuu. At the end they became a couple and Tora disappeared; Raijuu and Kisha looked for him for several time and then desisted. One day Raijuu was walking through the forest and was suddenly attacked by Tora’s jiinchuriki,
after the battle Tora escaped alive but his host was dead.

One year later Kisha and Raijuu had to separate because both were captured and now possessed a new jiinchuriki; the time arrived in which they had to battle each other; everything was hard for both of them since hurting each other wasn’t an option; the result of the battle angered Raijuu in such a way he killed his host and escaped. He had killed his dear Kisha because of his host.
Everything became worst after knowing the battle was planned by Tora.

Since that day Raijuu’s life consisted on travelling in order to escape his depression and anger; at some point he ended in a village where he met Ellie, a young hawk biju that weeks later became his little sister; still he had to continue travelling or his depression was going to catch with him.

At the end he finally met with the other bijus and find in that place the family he always wanted. He too met Kokoro, who became the one he loved after getting over Kisha’s death.